STEM Toy Review & Giveaway: Science Mad Toy Collection

We were sent a selection of Science Mad toys for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

My son has always loved science and for as long as I remember, we’ve done all kinds of experiments and activities at home. He’s had chemistry sets, telescopes, make your own slime kits, you name it, he’s exploded it in my kitchen. This year, Science Mad have launched a range of at home science sets for STEM loving kids.

STEM Toy Review & Giveaway: Science Mad Toy Collection

Science Mad! Digital Metal Detector

Over the weekend, we put a few of the kits to the test. The first one (and the one we were most excited about) was the Science Mad! Digital Metal Detector (£24.99). It feels like every beach we’ve ever been on has had a metal detectorist or two combing up and down it. A metal detector has always been out of our budget; but this junior version costs a smidge under £25 and as far as I can tell, it works just as well as the bigger ones.

STEM Toy Review & Giveaway: Science Mad Toy Collection

Light-weight but still sturdy, this Science Mad Digital Metal Detector is ideal for indoor and outdoor fun. This Metal Detector features sensitivity and volume controls, as well as LED lights and audio alerts. We combed up and down our garden and found a selection of buried metal items, no actual treasure though, not this time.

The metal detector is easy to set up and the instructions are really simple. You do need to use a 9 volt battery though, so that’s worth buying in beforehand if you’re giving this as a gift. It is designed for use by a child, so the arm is just about the right height for my ten year old to use without bending too much.

It’s a simple piece of kit, it’s great fun to use and it’s clearly a huge hit with my STEM loving son.

Science Mad! 5-in-1 Weather Station

Another part of the Science Mad range is the 5-in-1 Weather Station (£17.99). This was really simple to set up, we chose to put it in a plant plot in the garden. The weather station features,; a 3-cup anemometer to measure wind speed in MP/H or KP/H; an indicator that points to where wind is coming from; an integral compass to record wind direction; a thermometer to measure temperature in both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius and a pull out rain gauge to measure inches and millimetres of rainfall.

STEM Toy Review & Giveaway: Science Mad Toy Collection

When we set the weather station up, the forecast was for a settled few days ahead. This meant that the first few times we checked it, there was nothing very interesting to report. However, autumn suddenly kicked in, and the rain gauge quickly filled up. We were also able to see how fast and in what direction the wind was blowing.

It’s a very well thought out piece of kit, with everything an amateur weather person needs. It’s suitable for ages 6+ and it’s so easy to set up, just slot everything into place and plant it firmly outside, somewhere where it’s not sheltered from the weather.

Science Mad! Night Vision Goggles

Lastly we put the Science Mad! Night Vision Goggles (£16.99) to the test. They are light-weight and hands-free, and if you’re a child who loves to go on spying missions, then these are ideal for that. The blue-tinted lenses and bright LED light beams help to give you night vision. The flip-out scope and 2X magnifying lens can help you get a close up view of things in the dark.

STEM Toy Review & Giveaway: Science Mad Toy Collection

My son reckoned they would be brilliant to take on camping trips and sleepovers, and I think he might be right. We also like to go on bat hunts, so these would be handy for those times too.

The Science Mad collection offers kids real scientific equipment and kits with real working features, which is excellent for learning more about science at home.

There is so much to discover in the Science Mad range; Telescopes, Microscopes, a Chemistry Lab Set and a Crystal Growing Set; a Planetarium Star Globe, a Light Up Globe, a Build Your Own Vacuum Cleaner Kit, Digital Walkie Talkies, a Rock Tumbler kit and a Circuit Lab kit!

The kits are great fun, and whilst we’ve enjoyed experimenting with them at home, we are very much looking forward to taking the metal detector out on the beach and the night vision goggles camping. The weather station is brilliant, and we will be doing a small project with it over half term, measuring the weather each day to learn more about it.

The Science Mad collection is available from a range of retailers including Very.

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Toy Review: Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker

We were sent the Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Many moons ago, when I was a little girl; all I wanted for Christmas was a Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker. I was wooed by the adverts showing how easy it was to create shaved ice treats, topped with suitably 80’s technicolour flavours. I never did get that original Mr Frosty for Christmas, but good things come to those who wait. Last week the boy and I took delivery of our very own Mr Frosty, and the iced treats possibilities before us are now endless!

Toy Review: Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker

Suitable for ages 3+, Mr Frosty is a simple bit of kit. Ideally it should be used with adult supervision; mostly because of the possibility of spillages and maybe the need for a stronger arm to crank the handle; but its plastic mouldings are designed for the safety and comfort of smaller hands.

The box contains –

1 Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker,
3 ice lolly moulds
2 Mr Frosty spoons
1 penguin juice dispenser
2 Shaped ice tray moulds
2 Mr Frosty bowls

Toy Review: Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker

It’s easy to set up. It does include instructions, and although I’d always recommend reading them; essentially you put some ice under Mr Frosty’s hat, turn the handle and crushed ice comes out into the box in his tummy. Scoop your ice into a bowl and top with your favourite flavour (from the penguin juice dispenser). We used apple and strawberry cordial, because that’s what we had, but it would be great with any cordial or squash.

Toy Review: Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker

Once we’d made and enjoyed our little bowls of slushies, we made up some little ice lollies with some more of the diluted cordial. They were frozen and ready to eat a few hours later.

The box also contained some cute ice cube trays, which we will use for cooling our drinks in the future. There is a selection of fun fruit shaped ice cubes, with some Mr Frosty shapes, because why not.

Toy Review: Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker

All in all, it’s a fun toy for kids of all ages. The ice can be a bit hard to crush; but the instructions suggest you get the ice out of the freezer and let it sit at room temperature for half an hour, which does make it easier. Occasionally an adult might need to help out turning the handle, but it’s lots of fun and it makes delicious ice slushies. My son gave it 10/10!

Toy Review: Mr Frosty Ice Crunchy Maker

Mr Frosty is widely available from a range of stores including Argos. It costs around £22.99 and is suitable for ages 3+; though my 10 year old loved it and has been inspired to create a whole range of tasty frozen treats for the family.

We have previously reviewed the Mr Frosty Choc Ice Maker Kit.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt Activity + FREE Printable

The leaves have started to change colour and fall from their branches, autumn is well and truly here. Autumn is probably one of my favourite seasons, early autumn at least, we still have some sunshine and fine days, the leaves are crisp and the air is fresh and full of the mellowness of the season. I love it, and I know I’m not the only one. Yesterday we met a couple of his friends for an autumn scavenger hunt in a local park, it was just the thing to keep them engaged and occupied for an hour and they all did really well.

We live by the river and walk the dog down there most days. By the river is a nature reserve and we often see lots of different birds, insects and plants. I’ve tried to keep the autumn scavenger hunt quite simple, so you should be able to find most of the bugs, birds and plants in your local park.

Download your free Autumn Scavenger Hunt Printable Here!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

I have left room on the printable for children to make notes too. If they spot anything different or noteworthy, they can write all about what they’ve seen in the notes section.

Going on a scavenger hunt, or a nature trail is a wonderful thing to do with children and to help them learn a little more about nature and the world around them.

Whatever you do this season, whether you’re walking in the park; pond dipping in a nature reserve or walking the dog on the beach; make sure you stay safe. Keep your eyes peeled for all the wonders of nature and watch where you put your feet!

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The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is my favourite season. It’s all about cosy jumpers, roaring fires, long walks kicking through the fallen leaves and everything pumpkin. It’s a season packed with fun things; from Halloween to Bonfire night and conker season to pumpkin picking. There’s a lot going on, so I’ve created this awesome Autumn bucket list of things to do this season so we don’t miss a thing.

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

My Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

Go apple picking

Bake an apple pie with your family

Go bat watching at dusk

Make clay tree faces

Collect some conkers – apparently putting conkers in your house keeps spiders away, I’m not entirely convinced this works.

Have a game of conkers

Dress up for Halloween

Gather seeds to plant next spring

Go for an autumn walk and kick through the leaves

Go stargazing in your garden, wrap yourselves up in blankets and drink hot chocolate whilst gazing at the stars.

Decorate the house for Halloween

Put together a hot chocolate station, marshmallows, squirty cream, your favourite chocolate toppings and sprinkles, go for it!

Make some Halloween chocolate bark

Do some leaf crafts with the family

Autumn Leaf Crafts: Simple Autumn Leaf Faces

Have a go at leaf printing or leaf rubbing

Make a bug hotel in the garden and give your garden critters somewhere cosy to spend the winter

Collect some leaves and make autumn leaf crowns

Make hot apple juice

Bake a pumpkin pie with your family

Visit a pumpkin patch and pick some pumpkins

Carve some spooky pumpkins

Go out for pumpkin spice lattes

Toast marshmallows or make smores

Play with torches to create spooky shadows

Go for a torchlight walk

Make a batch of treacle toffee

Visit a farm and watch a combine harvester at work

Watch Hocus Pocus on Halloween

What are you up to this autumn? We’ve got lots of plans for pumpkin picking, leaf crafts, long walks and so much hot chocolate. The bat watching season is in full swing and we even spotted some in our garden last night. What’s on your autumn bucket list?

The Ultimate Autumn Bucket List

13 Pumpkin Patches in and around Manchester

Pumpkin picking is an autumn activity that has become really popular in recent years. We took the boy pumpkin picking last year, and although it was more pumpkin selecting from a row of them in a field, rather than actually picking them off the vine, we still had a lot of fun. A visit to one of the many local pumpkin patches is an autumnal treat indeed.

We are keen to pick our Halloween pumpkins again this year. So I’ve put together a list of pumpkin patches in and around Manchester to visit. Most of them ask you to book ahead. Some will be patches of ready picked pumpkins to choose from, some you’ll be able to actually pick your pumpkin and take it home. Either way, it’s a fun thing to do for a few hours and you can snap some adorable photos while you’re at it.

13 Pumpkin Patches in and around Manchester

Pumpkins can be picked early in the month. They can be safely stored in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to carve them for Halloween.

13 Pumpkin Patches in and around Manchester

Brookheys Farm, Dunham Massey – A working farm with a proper pumpkin patch.

Cockfields Farm Park, Ashton-Under-Lyne – Join them for the pumpkin festival this year.

Delamere Farm Shop – Open from 9th October, it’s time to pick your own pumpkins!

Dunham Massey Farm Ice Cream – Check out their Facebook page for info about their pumpkin patch, don’t forget to grab a yummy ice cream when you visit!

Dunham Pumpkin Patch – Pick your own pumpkins and enjoy some wood fired pizza on site. Book tickets in advance.

Farmer Berties Pumpkin Patch, Glazebury – Opposite Bents Garden Centre, this is known for being a great patch to visit. Open for just two weeks before Halloween, more info on their Facebook page.

Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington – With indoor and outdoor picking throughout October, this is a well-established pumpkin patch with reasonably priced tickets.

Libby’s Pumpkin and Sunflower Patch, MacclesfieldLibby’s patch is a family-friendly fun day out, with an on-site café and free parking.

Malpas Pick Your Own Pumpkins, Malpas, Cheshire – No booking required. Maize maze entry is £2.00 per person. The maze leads to the hidden pumpkin patch and photo prop village. There are 100 scarecrows to spot through the maze and a Harry Potter area.

13 Pumpkin Patches in and around Manchester

Reddish Vale Farm, Stockport – Visit Reddish Vale Farm for a spooktacular time this Halloween, visit all the animals and outdoor play areas and then join in some ‘fangtastic fun’!

Smithills Open Farm, Bolton – Open 16th and 17th October and then from the 23rd until the 31st October.

The Hayloft, Widness, Cheshire – Saturday 25th September to 31st October. There will also be a spooky maze, miniature railway, tractor rides and the coffee shop will be open serving breakfast, lunches, drinks, cakes & ice cream.

Village Pumpkins, Derbyshire – North Derbyshire’s original pumpkin patch based in Barlow a small village between Sheffield and Chesterfield

Other Halloween Attractions…

Spooky World at Applejacks Adventure Farm, Warrington, WA4 4NW

There are lots of pumpkin patches to pick from in and around Manchester this year. If I’ve missed any, please comment below and I will add them. Happy pumpkin picking!

13 Pumpkin Patches in and around Manchester

An afternoon at The Manchester Rum Festival 2021

We were invited guests of the Manchester Rum Festival. All images and opinions are our own.

During the pandemic, most of the gin/beer/rum/whatever your favourite drink festivals had been put on the back burner for the duration. With things opening up a little more, life, and drinking is returning to something almost normal. When a shiny invitation fell into my inbox from the Manchester Rum Festival, it was impossible to say no.

On the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend, we hot-footed it to the 4-star Mercure Hotel in Piccadilly Gardens to enjoy an afternoon of rum and rum based fun.

An afternoon at The Manchester Rum Festival 2021

I’ll hold my hand up and say that although I’ve enjoyed drinking rum for many years, it’s not something I know a great deal about. It tasted nice in coke and made excellent cocktails, but I’d never given that much thought to how it was made or really considered how different rums could be.

Rum from Jamaica and Venezuela; to Manchester and Lancashire were showcased at the festival. With brands such as Saint Benevolence, AB Gold, Bacardi, Ninefold and Montanya nestling alongside local rum brands Diablesse, Salford, Witch Kings, ARLU Rum and City of Manchester Distillery. There were also new brands including the Cuban rum, Black Tears, from the Island Rum Company and the world’s first dry spiced Cuban rum.

An afternoon at The Manchester Rum Festival 2021

Tickets were £30, which included all samples; plus chats with the rum brands, a DJ and there was also a selection of rums will be able to purchase by the bottle to take home and enjoy.

When we arrived, the rum room was busy. People had dressed up for the festival, with flowery shirts being standard attire for gentlemen, mine included. Together we did a couple of circuits of the room, stopping to sip samples and chat to the brand representatives. We learned a lot about rum, almost without fail the reps were generous with their knowledge and their samples. Together we sipped rum which had been aged in bourbon casks; we tried some aged in sherry casks and even one with had spent some time in a port cask.

An afternoon at The Manchester Rum Festival 2021

I was especially excited to see so many local brands represented at the festival. We loved the Salford rum, their dark spiced rum tasted like a really rich Christmas cake, which was excellent. We were enchanted by the Witch Kings, with their flavoured rums (watch out for their next flavour. Their new coffee rum is out of this world). We also enjoyed an impromptu tarot card reading.

An afternoon at The Manchester Rum Festival 2021

I think my favourite rum from the festival was another local hero, ARLU rum. Their original flavour was so smooth, I’ve put a bottle of that on my Christmas list! My companion who favours a less sweet rum really enjoyed the English Harbour 5 year old rum from Antigua.

An afternoon at The Manchester Rum Festival 2021

We both left the festival with a whole new respect, admiration; and dare I say it, love for rum which we’d not had before. The Rum Festival was really good fun. We learned a lot, tried a lot of rum and laughed a lot too. It’s a lovely thing to do with friends and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for tickets to the festival next year.

For more information, visit the Manchester Rum Festival website

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

We were sent The Best of Sport and Leisure for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

I was chatting to someone this week about board games, and how as a family we’d fallen back in love with board games during the pandemic. Lockdown had made us dig out the board games and reacquaint ourselves with the rules of all kinds of games which had been gathering dust for years. We’ve also added some new ones to our collection, like The Best of Sport and Leisure, where the questions are all about sport; everything from football to fishing, badminton to basketball, and walking to weightlifting.

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

The Best of Sport and Leisure is the latest game release from the LOGO family. Question cards are divided into the famous LOGO favourites; Picture cards, Theme cards and Potluck cards. There are questions even people who don’t really love sports (me, this is me) can answer.

The questions aren’t generally about who won a race in 1922 or who scored the winning goal in the 1966 World Cup Final; it’s all the things you pick up without even knowing it, like “Which ex-England footballer has the name of a borough of New York City tattooed across his lower back”. So it’s a fun game to play, even if you’re not a sports-super fan!

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

The box contains –

  • 252 Question Cards
  • 12 Action Cards
  • Playing Board
  • 2 Playing Pieces
  • Instructions

Ideally you need two teams for this, with at least two people per team. It’s aimed at people aged 12+ and the rules are pretty simple to pick up. Two teams race to the finish, answering questions along the way. There are three kinds of question cards (each card has four questions on), pot luck, picture cards and common theme cards.

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

To keep everyone on their toes, there are six different kinds of action cards. These are mostly used to disrupt play and throw your rival team off their game. Each team takes turns in being the Question Master; it’s a fun, fairly fast-paced game which really gets your brain working.

I think the more people on your team, the better. It is pretty simple to pick up and if you have a mixed age team, then your chances of winning are probably higher. Despite it being all about sport, my team did pretty well answering the questions; because it’s not so much about remembering facts and figures, but more general stuff. I was surprised at how many questions I knew the answers to, and I did wonder how I’d managed to remember so much info about surfing, for example.

Review: The Best of Sport and Leisure board game

The Best of Sport and Leisure is made by Drummond Park for Tomy and costs around £24.99. I spotted it on Amazon, but it is widely available in toy shops and larger retailers.

Christmas light trails in and around the North West

Going to see the Christmas lights each December is now something of a family tradition. Bundling ourselves up against the cold; marvelling at the lights and treating ourselves to hot mulled wine and roasted chestnuts from a food stall is something we’ve really enjoyed in previous years; and we are looking forward to a Christmas light trails again this year.

I’ve heard on the grapevine that tickets are selling fast to many of the more popular trails. I’ve gathered together a list of some of the Christmas light displays in and around Manchester, Cheshire and the North West this Christmas. Some might be a little drive away, such as Alton Towers, or Sheffield, but I’ve included them anyway.

Christmas Light trails in and around the North West

Christmas Light trails in and around the North West

Alton Towers –  Alton Towers Gardens are well worth a visit in the daylight but wait till nightfall to be dazzled away by shimmering, shiny lights, that will fill you with wonder

Blakesmere, Cheshire – A magical Christmas outdoor experience for all the family with dazzling lighting and supreme sound in the depths of 15 acres of Cheshire woodland.

Bolesworth, Cheshire – This magical 1.2-mile trail promises a dazzling after-dark experience. You’ll travel alongside the lakeside with the backdrop of the spectacularly lit castle, then you’ll follow the winding pathways through the woods where you may spot a reindeer or two.

Christmas Light trails in and around the North West

Chester Zoo, The Lanterns – This event has been running for several years now, and it is such a magical evening out visiting the zoo after dark and meeting magical creatures on you travels. Read our review here.

Delamere Forest, Cheshire – Twinkling lights and seasonal sounds fill the air with festive fun at Delamere Forest.

Dunham Massey, Cheshire – This is another family favourite; the gardens are lit up in splendid style at this must-see Christmas eventRead our review here.

Knowsley Safari Park – Enjoy the safari park after dark at their fabulous Christmas time event, your path will be lit with magical lights guiding you through their enchanted trail. Get into the Christmas spirit with a range of festive food; magical music, amazing illuminated animals and some extra special treats!

Christmas Light trails in and around the North West

Lightopia, Heaton Park – This is another popular and award winning Christmas light trail in North Manchester’s Heaton Park. Embark on a magical journey through the fantasy themed light trail through the parklands. Showcasing bright immersive installations, colourful lasers, and water shows, this is a festive wonderland for all ages.

RHS Bridgewater, Salford – new for this year, RHS Bridgewater is putting on what’s set to be a stunning display in their beautiful gardens.

Sheffield CathedralSheffield Cathedral will once again be transformed by its Christmas lights spectacular, celebrating the wonder and joy of the festive season.

Stockeld Park, North Yorkshire – Experience one of the country’s largest and most creative light displays set in the grounds of the historic Stockeld Park Estate.

Trentham Gardens, StaffordshireChristmas at Trentham is a brand-new illuminated trail designed to sprinkle a little Christmas magic, accentuate the flora and fauna and see the stunning historic landscape in a new light.

Christmas Light trails in and around the North West

Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington – As darkness descends, join Luminate as they weave a captivating light trail through our stunning grounds. Complete with incredible lighting elements, fabulous light play and ambient music; this experience will enthral your senses.

If you’re planning on visiting a Christmas light trail, then I suggest you book early. These events just get more popular every year, and with good reason! They really are a wonderful way to get into the festive spirit.

Christmas Light trails in and around the North West

Review: ProVen Probiotics Fit for School Supplements

AD – We were asked to try ProVen Probiotics Fit for School supplements in exchange for this review. All images and opinions are our own.

With the end of August in sight, our attention has firmly towards back to school preparations. We have shopped for new uniform, new shoes, new stationery and we are pretty much back to school ready. One thing we always do, is remind him about the importance of handwashing and good hygiene, anything to minimise the inevitable back to school coughs and colds he will no doubt catch and bring home.

Giving the boy and his immune system a bit of a back to school boost is something we always do. He is so prone to picking up bugs it’s unbelievable. He regularly takes a multivitamin, and during the peak of the pandemic, he also took extra Vitamin D supplements.

Review: ProVen Probiotics Fit for School Supplements

We were sent some ProVen Probiotics Fit for School supplements to try. They are designed to help support your child’s immunity and wellbeing. They are chewable tablets which are strawberry flavoured and they have been specially formulated for children aged 4-16 years old.

Each tablet contains 12.5 billion of the unique Lab4 acidophilus and bifidus friendly bacteria combined with vitamin C to help maintain immune function and general wellbeing.

ProVen Probiotics Fit for School supplements are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and dairy free. They have been tested in two clinical trials so far. The studies showed that ProVen Probiotics Fit for School can have these results –

  • Days with a cough or cold halved (49% reduction)
  • Days with a blocked or runny nose reduced by a third (33%)
  • Number of days with a sore throat reduced by 24%
  • Need for antibiotics reduced by 27%
  • Absenteeism from school due to coughs and colds reduced by 30%
  • Visits to the GP reduced by 43%
  • No side effects

These benefits are excellent to read. My son has been taking them for about a week now, he’s generally full of beans anyway, but leads a very active life and can feel run down quite easily. He is also very prone to getting bad ear infections and colds. He really likes the taste and says they make him feel super-powered, which is always good to hear.

Review: ProVen Probiotics Fit for School Supplements

I really like that they are packed with Vitamin C and they also have probiotic qualities, which can help him to maintain a healthy gut. Each tablet contains 12.5 billion of the unique Lab4 acidophilus and bifidus friendly bacteria combined with vitamin C to help maintain immune function and general wellbeing.

Fingers crossed that taking these will help him to stay well throughout his last year at primary school. Like most kids, he’s had far too long outside of school this year and I’d hate for a cold or bug to floor him again.

Each box of ProVen Probiotics Fit for School contains 30 tablets and costs £14.99. They are available from Boots and directly from their website.

16 Farm days out in and around Manchester

One of my favourite kind of day out with my boy is visiting a farm or petting zoo. We’ve been visiting them since he was a toddler and they really are fun for all the family. Going on a day out to a farm is both a fun and learning experience. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip out either. There are many community farms which are free to visit, or have a minimal admission fee.

Our local farm is Wythenshawe Community Farm and we love visiting. It’s small but has lots of animals to see and learn about. Plus it’s next door to a huge and very fun playground; there’s a nearby café and the farm shop is well worth a visit.

15 Farm days out in and around Manchester

I’ve come up with a list of 15 Farm Days out in and around Manchester for you to explore this summer.

16 Farm days out in and around Manchester

Apple Jacks Adventure Farm, Warrington – More of an adventure playground with a maze than a farm or petting zoo. Lots of fun all the same.

Blaze Farm, Ice Cream Farm, Macclesfield – Famous for their homemade ice cream, Blaze Farm also has nature trails and a tea room on site. It is free to visit.

Canalside Farm, Adlington, Cheshire – A new petting farm in Cheshire. No booking required and only £4 per person to visit.

Cockfields Farm Park, Ashton-under-Lyne – Popular petting zoo with indoor and outdoor play areas, reptile shows and small animal handling sessions.

Heaton Park Animal Centre, Heaton Park, Manchester – The Animal Centre, set in the old stables, is a great free place to take the kids. You can meet many common farmyard animals; including chickens, goats, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits as well as more exotic species such as alpacas.

15 Farm days out in and around Manchester

Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington – Kenyon Hall Farm is a farm shop, café, plant centre and pick your own experience near Warrington. It has a summer trail and pumpkin picking in the autumn.

Lancaster Park & Animal Farm, Oldham – Lancaster Park is a family run petting farm near Oldham which has farm animals to pet and feed, along with activities for all the family.

Matlock Farm Park, Derbyshire – Matlock Farm is a family-friendly day out with play areas, go-karting and a petting zoo with Highland cattle, llamas and more.

Mrs Dowsons Farm Park, Blackburn – This is a family-run dairy farm with a children’s play area, talks and activities and homemade ice cream!

Reddish Vale Farm, Stockport – Popular farm with horse riding and animals to meet and pet from cows to alpacas, plus a tearoom on site. Read about our visit here.

Smithills Open Farm, Bolton – The popular farm in Bolton has tractor rides, a pets’ corner where you can meet guinea pigs, chick, rabbits, lambs, deer, goats and many more animals. You can also enjoy ice cream and super-fun play areas.

15 Farm days out in and around Manchester

Tatton Park Farm, Tatton, Cheshire – This 40 acre working farm is set in a corner of the park known as Tatton Dale. The farm is fun for all the family, meet some of the rare breeds; explore the farm and learn about some of the history of farming at Tatton.

The Donkey Sanctuary, Manchester – A seven-acre oasis of calm and peace in Manchester, the donkey sanctuary offers donkey-assisted learning services.

The Garden House, Marple, Stockport – The Garden House is a registered charity and community farm in Marple, Cheshire. They have a variety of animals, including pygmy goats, alpacas, Shetland ponies and pigs. Check out their website to see what’s on throughout the year.

Wythenshawe Community Farm, Wythenshawe – is a community farm based in Wythenshawe Park. The farm is a registered charity, and it is open all days of the week. It has a selection of farm animals including pigs, sheep, goats, cows and horses; and it often has baby animals on site due to its breeding programme. The farm’s walled garden grows fruit and vegetables which are available in the farm shop.

If you enjoyed this, then you might want to read about these 11 dinosaur days out in the North West.

15 Farm days out in and around Manchester