My Sunday Photo 28.6.15

My Sunday Photo 28.6.15

My Sunday Photo 28.6.15 – Manchester Museum of Science & Industry

12 responses to “My Sunday Photo 28.6.15

  1. Great angle, it makes the building look like it goes on forever.

  2. Those windows are gorgeous. Great angle for that shot and you managed to get the name of the hall in too.

  3. Really interesting angle. Hope you al had a good day there.

  4. Emma T (@ETusty)

    I wondered what the photo was of from the thumbnail. The angle seems to make it go on for ever.

  5. Well taken pic. Curiosity now it going to make me research location

  6. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    Love this angle, hope you had a good day

    Thank you for linking up

  7. It’s such a grand building from that angle isn’t it? Love that place!

  8. What an interesting buliding ! Hope you had a fab day out

  9. Interesting perspective – I like this shot!

  10. Love the architectural details and angle =) #mysundayphoto

  11. this is fantastic. love the angle. your eye is taken up and up. great shot.

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