My Sunday Photo 4.10.15

super blood moon

This is the super blood moon eclipse which happened this week. I dutifully set my alarm for 3am and grumpily got out of bed to see this rare eclipse. I tried to take some snaps with my ipad but it was useless, but I had my proper camera on hand and took this. It was my first ever attempt at a detailed picture of the moon, and I was pretty pleased with the result.

There was no special trick to this, I leant out of my bedroom window, pointed my camera at the moon and zoomed in as far as I could. I was wobbling the camera all over the place, so I pulled on the neck strap on the camera and held it taut, it worked briefly and I fired off a few shots before I got the shakes again. Next time I would use a tripod and maybe a slightly better camera.

I use a Nikon Coolpix L820, which isn’t a DSLR but it’s easy to use and I’ve managed to take some pretty nice pictures with it. 

So that’s my super blood moon. Not bad for a half asleep grumpy woman with the shakes.

31 responses to “My Sunday Photo 4.10.15

  1. That’s a fab photo of the blood moon. I didn’t realise what time it was happening otherwise might have been tempted to set an alarm so sadly i missed it. Have been enjoying all the photos of it though ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. travelingchristie

    Absolutely stunning, I so wish I had set my alarm to see it x

  3. Wonderful picture! #mysundayphoto x

  4. That’s brilliant, I didn’t manage to get any decent shots of it, but it was spectacular. Thankfully, it happened at 10pm for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Well that was definitely worth getting out of bed at 3am for. Stunning shot x

  6. That’s an amazing capture, and like you say not bad for being half asleep and without tripod! My photos really don’t look anything like yours but it was stunning to look at, I have my memories!

  7. I didn’t set my alarm but m delighted to enjoy the results through your photo, brilliant!

  8. Such a spooky shot of the blood moon! Looks very eerie! #MySundayPhoto x

  9. I love this photo. Despite your shakes I think it looks just perfect. #mysundayphoto

  10. That’s brilliant – I too set my alarm and watched from the comfort of my bedroom. My camera isn’t up to shots like this and I wobble too much!!

  11. i think that’s fantastic! you did a great job. what a magnificent moon:)

  12. Wow this is so stunning!! I really underestimated how amazing it would look otherwise I’d have made myself wake up. Beautiful x #mysundayphoto

  13. Stunning photo, I missed it so it has been brilliant seeing everyone’s photos x

  14. It really was amazing wasn’t it. I love your photo, I left the picture taking to my other half and he said it was really hard to keep the camera still too so he made a makeshift tripod out of CD cases.

  15. Beautiful colour, I didn’t manage to capture it. The cloud cover was too much at 3am

    Thank you for linking up

  16. That’s a really good photo! I was gutted I didn’t get up for it when I saw everyone’s pics!

  17. Great pic! Wish I’d got up for this but the sprogs had been playing up and I was dead to the world! #MySundayPhoto

  18. Fantastic photo! You did so well….

  19. Not bad at all. I’m surrounded by taller houses and light pollution so there was no way I was setting the alarm to have to go and drive more into the countryside for a photo! I’ve been enjoying everyone else’s though ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. That’s not a bad shot at all. It was a brilliant eclipse ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. it’s a very awesome shot.. i think you did a great job.
    congratulations on being able to wake up at 3am! :>

  22. Beautiful! Well done for getting up

  23. Wow! Well done you. That’s what I call dedication. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. What an amazing photo, so beautiful x

  25. Rebecca ClearlyBex Bodkin

    Oh Jane, I am SO glad I come across your post. This is a fantastic shot and I really miss my old camera for its moon capabilities. Well done trusty Ol’ Nikon! Beautiful. I also set my alarm for 3am, but sadly for the wrong morning… alas, I missed the moon *wails*

  26. What an amazing shot. That’s a once in a lifetime picture!

    Cat x

  27. This is an absolutely gorgeous picture. Congratulations!

  28. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    I love it! Especially ” for a half asleep grumpy woman with the shakes.” All we had was cloud cover, we couldn’t see it at all, so I really appreciate the lengths that you went to to get this shot! Thanks!

  29. So worth the waking up! What a lovely capture =) #mysundayphoto

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