Remembering the good times with

During these long lockdown days we’ve been trying to slow down a bit and spend more time together as a family. Naturally my camera has been working overtime. Whilst some families have been making scrapbooks or time capsules, I have been taking lots of photos and squirrelling away some of his drawings to make into a photo book of our time in lockdown together.

Remembering the good times with

This really feels like a once in a lifetime situation, and I hope it is. Despite all the fun we’ve had together, there’s a lot of stress too. My boy has had three months off school and that’s the longest he’s been at home since he was a tiny baby. We have tried to make the most of that extra time together. We’ve camped in the garden and done all kinds of crafts and fun things together. We have the makings of a brilliant photo book and some new canvas prints for around the place too.

I have an idea to take photos of some of his drawings and make them into a big photo collage for the kitchen; which I think will look fab. I’ve discovered which is a website which prints all kinds of photo gifts, from canvas prints, to mugs and cushions, and you can even get a custom face mask which is just the thing if you’re venturing out again and need to do so safely and importantly, fashionably.

Remembering the good times with

Over the years I’ve become the family photographer, documenting all of our fun times and first times; our holidays and adventures. Never did I think I would be documenting three months or more of working and studying from home. There have been a lot of things I’d like to forget; but the gift of being at home full time with my son is one I want to remember forever; not to mention all the good times and fun times we’ve had together.

It’s been really helpful to be able to order prints and photo gifts to send to family who we haven’t been able to see for a while too.

Remembering the good times with

Whether you’re making a scrapbook, a time capsule or like me, putting together a photo book; these are times we need to make the most of and times we need to remember forever. It’s been a real gift to be able to slow down and spend time with my boy. I’m so glad I’ve been able to capture and remember those times on camera. Memories, good memories which will stay with us forever.

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