My Sunday Photo 3.5.15


21 responses to “My Sunday Photo 3.5.15

  1. BlogCamp or BlogOnMosi? Good to see you’ve always got your camera at the ready!

  2. It can only be a blogging conference, I finally get to go to one next month!

  3. Ah were you at one of the blogging conferences? Hope you had a good time. x

  4. Which one was it?! Hope you had a good time 🙂

  5. so sad I missed blog on, looked like a fab day

  6. Notmyyearoff

    Really great to meet you today. Sorry if I surprised you with the grabbing ☺️

  7. A camera on the table and glasses of water? It can only be another BlogOn photo!

  8. It was a fantastic day! Was fantastic to finally meet you.

  9. Gutted I wasn’t there, it sounds so much fun!

  10. So this is what a blogging conference table looks like, I’ll find out first hand one day.

  11. OneDad3Girls (@OneDad3Girls)

    Was this BlogOnMosi? Hope you had a great day

    Thank you for linking up

  12. Zena's Suitcase

    Now there’s a place I recognise! Wasn’t #blogonmosi fantastic! Great picture #mysundayphoto

  13. Ooh were you at blog on? Haven’t been to a blogging conference yet but I’m going to my first next month! Hope you had a good day

  14. It was a great day wasn’t it, sorry I didn’t catch you to say hello x #MySundayPhoto

  15. Awww I wish next time I can go! #MySundayPhoto

  16. Hope you had a fab time xx

  17. I hadn’t realised you were there, I would have come and said hello!

  18. Hope you had a great day! x

  19. nikkifrankhamilton

    Hope that you had a good time, wherever you were. At first I thought that perhaps you were shooting a photo through the glass, seeing the coffee cup through the curve is cool, I wonder what a photo through the glass would look like? Thanks for making me wonder through the process! LOL

  20. Wish I’d gone to MOSI for blog on. I was deciding for some long that by the time I’d made my mind up they tix were sold out! That’ll teach me! #mysundayphoto

  21. Mummy Vs Work

    Hope you had a great time!

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