54 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 27/7/14

  1. Ouch! That looks a little sore, but he must be feeling OK as he has food in his hand!! #sundayphoto

  2. I’m looking at this outdoors, so in this light, it looks like either really bad chickenpox or an allergic reaction. But the fact that his neck looks ok suggests that it is (hopefully) just paint/jam/food/mess.

  3. I hope that’s face paint or something and not a rash…..He has food so it can’t be bothering him too much πŸ˜‰

  4. What a cute little face, even tho it’s a bit red. Hope it’s not sore πŸ™

  5. What a smashing photo, he looks a bit guilty and a bit mischievous! love it! x

  6. One very serious looking little tomato – at first I though he been eating strawberries a bit too enthusiastically.

  7. when I first saw it I thought maybe he’d been smearing sauce on his face but after reading the other comments I get it now! Best looking tomato I’ve ever seen!

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