Buckle up! The small boy tries out velcro Easybelts

The small boy is four and a half (he’s very keen on that half all of a sudden) and he’s very much like his dad. He’s starting to dress like him and when we go shopping points out things his dad would wear so he can wear them too. It’s all very sweet and part of growing up. This summer he’s fully embraced the belt – his dad is never without his belt, so the boy wanted something similar. His little fingers aren’t ready for a proper grown up belt, so we got him an easy to use velcro Easybelt.

velcro easybelts

We chose this lovely blue belt, it’s in the school colours so he can wear it for school if he wants, but it also looks brilliant with his normal casual trousers.

The velcro Easybelts are so easy to use. You just put them through the belt loops on your trousers and pull the velcro end back and press against the other velcro bit. There are no fiddly buckles or anything to mess about with. He understood how it worked instantly, had no problems undoing it by himself and could take himself off to the loo quite happily and without our help.

velcro easybelts

As you can see (Manchester’s next top model) he was pretty proud of his belt, which I think looks great with those shorts. He’s also worn it with jeans and other trousers and he cuts quite a dash. The belt somehow makes him look smarter and more grown up at the same time.

Easybelts have a huge range of belts for children, with different designs and motifs for boys and girls as well as unisex options. They also make belts for adults who may struggle with the tricky fastenings of normal belts (seriously, those canvas belts with the funny buckle – I have no chance!).

The velcro Easybelts cost around £6 and are easily washed and easy to use. The small boy is a big fan!

Note: We were sent the Easybelt free of charge for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Review: Easybelts for Big Boy Pants

Come September my small boy (and only baby) will be toddling off to join the nursery at school, which means it’s school uniform time. Over the last few weeks we’re been stocking up on uniform bits and pieces from supermarkets and specialist shops, but we needed a belt to go with his big boy trousers, something that his small boy hands could manage. Step forward the Easybelt.

The Easybelt is a canvas belt designed for little fingers and people who’d struggle with normal, fiddly belts. You pull the end of the belt through the D ring, pull it back and press it securely against the Velcro. It is a ridiculously simple idea and I can’t believe it’s taken so long to invent it.

The D rings come in two sizes, which make them really easy for little fingers to use. We put the belt on the small boy and instinctively, without us showing him, he started to thread the belt through the D ring. It’s such a simple, instinctive design.


The belts come in a range of sizes and designs. We got him a plain black belt to wear with his school uniform, and a funky brown belt with a racing car design on it for casual wear. There are lots of designs to choose from and different coloured belts to mix and match with outfits.

The belts range in cost from £5 – £7 which I think is a very reasonable price. They’re excellent quality and seem comfortable to wear. Because they’re Velcro the belt will grow with the child, meaning you’re likely to get a good few years of wear out of the belt.

It’s a clever invention, simple but intuitive, as the best things so often are.

Note: We were sent two Easybelts  for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are unbiased and my own. The images are also my own.