40 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

Putting together Christmas stockings is one of my favourite things about Christmas, and it’s something I put a fair amount of effort into each year. It can be hard at times to come up with Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas, so I’ve come up with 40 suggestions for stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Each Christmas Eve, we hang our stockings by the fire, and come Christmas morning, they’ve been magically filled with goodies and for some reason, left at the end of our beds.

Christmas morning always begins with a coffee in bed, whilst we all open out stockings and begin the day with a handful of chocolate coins, or several slices of a chocolate orange.

40 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

This tried and tested tradition can be a bit of a brain ache to put together. Finding just the right amount of small items to stuff your stocking with is a task not everyone relishes. I’ve put together a list of Christmas stocking filler idea for toddlers, which should help you, or Father Christmas with this festive task.

40 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

  1. Christmas socks
  2. A set of flash cards
  3. A Kinder egg
  4. A Christmas book
  5. Bath toys, like ducks or a baby shark
  6. A small duplo set
  7. Noisemakers or small instruments like bells
  8. Chunky markers or crayons
  9. A keepsake Christmas tree decoration
  10. A new toothbrush
  11. A bag of chocolate coins
  12. Satsuma
  13. Hot chocolate stirrer
  14. Stickers
  15. Bath crayons
  16. Expandable flannel
  17. A small cuddly toy
  18. Wooden name letters for their bedroom door
  19. A spinning top
  20. Wiggly worm clutching toy
  21. Paint set
  22. Playdoh pots
  23. Toy vehicles
  24. Silly headband or hat (antlers or similar)
  25. New cup or water bottle
  26. Their favourite snack
  27. Gingerbread man
  28. A light up ball
  29. Bubbles
  30. Finger puppets
  31. Lanka kade wooden animal figures
  32. Bubble bath
  33. A little game, like Pop Up Pirate
  34. Candy canes
  35. Some warm gloves
  36. Stacking cups
  37. Glow in the dark stars
  38. Paint brushes, or some brush paints
  39. Wooden bead sets to practice their threading
  40. A push along toy

Stuffing a stocking on Christmas Eve is one of the parts of Christmas I look forward to the most. Have I missed anything off this list? If so, please comment below with your Christmas stocking filler ideas.

40 Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Toddlers

9 Budget Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers

For me, Christmas is more about the little touches and small details. I love buying thoughtful little gifts for friends and family. My favourite part of present buying is putting a Christmas stocking together for the boys. I fill them with little things I know they will enjoy and use over the year.

Our Christmas stockings tend to be a mixture of fun stuff and practical stuff. I’m not beyond padding out a stocking with a new toothbrush (because Santa really  cares about dental hygiene) and some new toiletries; but my Christmas stockings always have lots of fun stuff, chocolate and the obligatory satsuma in them.

Nine Great Budget Ideas for Christmas Stocking Fillers

Here’s what’s in his Christmas stocking this year –

Chocolate Coins – it’s the law to have a bag of chocolate coins in your stocking. We’ve gone for these colourful emoji coins (£1). They make a bit of a change (pun intended) from your standard gold or silver coins.

Marvel Avengers Assemble Collectible Capsules – these little figures come in a surprise egg (not really an egg, more of a capsule). Kids love the surprise egg thing, so I know this will be very popular. I’ve seen them in other shops for £3.99, but these are a bargain £1.99 and I’m wishing I’d picked up a couple more now.

Hot Wheels Cars – toy cars are a regular feature in our Christmas stockings, they’re small, easy to wrap and popular. They’re also a pocket friendly £1.49 each, so I got two new ones for his collection.

Mini Block Tech Figures – These are Lego style mini figures, but they’re much cheaper than Lego. These figures come in a “blind bag” and there are three in the bag. At £1 per pack, these three mini figures come with their own accessories and they’re much cheaper than the brand leader!

Marvel Avengers Bath & Shower Gel – this pack of four shower gels (£3.99) is ripe for breaking up and wrapping individually. Each bottle is shaped and styled like one of your favourite Avengers heroes – Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Thor and Iron Man. I know these might even encourage him to spend a bit more time in the bathroom (maybe).

Marvel Comics Stationery Set – you can never have too much stationery and this five piece stationery set featuring his favourite Marvel characters will be a winner. The ruler, pen and pencil are all covered in comic book versions of Spider-Man; Iron Man; Thor; the Incredible Hulk and Captain America. At just £1.29 this set contains everything he will need to write a superhero story of his own!

Voice Changer – this is a silly little stocking filler. Speak into the microphone and it will change your voice so you sound like a boy, a girl or a robot. I know he will love this (and the dog will hate it, probably). At £2.99 this is a bit of silliness you need in a Christmas stocking.

Swizzels Mini Candy Canes – this giant box of mini candy canes (£1.99 for 240g) will be put to good use. I’ll slip a few into presents for other people, use a handful in some festive bakes and tip the rest into his stocking. The box contains four iconic Swizzels flavours – Drumstick lolly flavour; blue Refreshers; pink Refreshers and of course Parma Violet (I’ll be keeping those just for me).

Socks –  Christmas tradition dictates that every stocking must contain a pair of Christmas socks to be worn that day. I need to pop back to B&M and see what they’ve got in store.

That’s my Christmas stocking shopping almost finished and it’s only cost me £18.72, a bit of a bargain yes? All I need to do now is wrap everything up and throw a satsuma in the night before. I’m feeling uncommonly organised and that’s a great feeling!

What are you stuffing your Christmas stockings with this year?