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Review: I Saw It First! Jungle – A Family Spotting Game

This week we’ve been playing a new game – I Saw It First! Jungle – A Family Spotting Game. It’s a puzzle game for people who love spotting animals, like a ginormous Dobble but a bit harder and just as much fun!

Review: I Saw It First! Jungle - A Family Spotting Game

In I Saw It First! Jungle there are 300 jungle animals all over the double-sided board. Each of the pieces is printed on both sides, so no two games are the same because you can put the board together in many different ways.

The board is covered with all kinds of creatures, some are familiar, like the leopard or the hippopotamus, others less so, like the eyelash viper or the giraffe weevil.

Review: I Saw It First! Jungle - A Family Spotting Game

The game comes with a box to assemble and 300 hexagonal counters each with an animal on one side and the name of the animal on the other. To play you take a counter from the box and show it to the other players. When they say “go” everyone must look for that animal on the board. The first one to spot it shouts “I saw it first” and keeps the counter. You can play for as long as you like. The person with the most counters at the end of the game is the winner. It’s simple but brilliant.

Like I said, the games go on as long as you want. It’s really fun to try to spot the creatures on the board. There’s a good variety of different animals and lots to talk about. Ben knew a lot about some of the animals, birds and insects already and happily chatted about where some of them lived and what they ate as we searched the board for them.

Review: I Saw It First! Jungle - A Family Spotting Game

I Saw It First! Jungle comes in and eye-catching triangular box and features illustrations by Caroline Selmes. It’s easy to understand but addictive to play, and great fun for adults and children alike.

I Saw It First! Jungle costs £19.99 and it is available from high street shops, direct from Laurence King and online retailers such as Amazon.

Note: We were sent I Saw It First! Jungle for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble has been an incredibly popular game since it was launched a few years ago. It’s kind of like snap, but better, more interesting and a bit more fun. We’ve had Dobble for while now and it regularly comes on trips and meals out with us. I knew there were other versions of Dobble, so we were very pleased to put Dobble Animals to the test.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble Animals is a speedy observation game where players race to match the identical animal between the cards. Each player turns one card over. Each card has a number of different animals on. The first to find the matching creature shouts “DOBBLE!” and slams their hand down on the cards – just like snap.

It’s genuinely brilliant fun. Some matches you can spot almost instantly, others can have all the players puzzling for a minute or two. Each pair of cards has a matching animal, even though sometimes you can’t for the life of you spot it.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble Animals relies heavily on players having a sharp eye and quick reflexes. It’s also a brilliant game for travel. It comes with its own tin which keeps the cards together and dry. We take our original Dobble everywhere with us. It’s great for a quick game, or several rounds and the instructions are so easy, it takes no time at all to pick it up.

I really like the animal version, the pictures are always colourful and interesting and this does not disappoint. This really is a family favourite for us. I’m pleased we’ve got a new, different version to play with and the boy is pleased too. He can choose which one he wants to play with dependent on his mood.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble Animals is available from a wide range of retailers and costs around £12.99 (and is worth every penny). 

We were sent the Dobble Animals game for review for the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club. All images and opinions are our own.
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