Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble has been an incredibly popular game since it was launched a few years ago. It’s kind of like snap, but better, more interesting and a bit more fun. We’ve had Dobble for while now and it regularly comes on trips and meals out with us. I knew there were other versions of Dobble, so we were very pleased to put Dobble Animals to the test.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble Animals is a speedy observation game where players race to match the identical animal between the cards. Each player turns one card over. Each card has a number of different animals on. The first to find the matching creature shouts “DOBBLE!” and slams their hand down on the cards – just like snap.

It’s genuinely brilliant fun. Some matches you can spot almost instantly, others can have all the players puzzling for a minute or two. Each pair of cards has a matching animal, even though sometimes you can’t for the life of you spot it.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble Animals relies heavily on players having a sharp eye and quick reflexes. It’s also a brilliant game for travel. It comes with its own tin which keeps the cards together and dry. We take our original Dobble everywhere with us. It’s great for a quick game, or several rounds and the instructions are so easy, it takes no time at all to pick it up.

I really like the animal version, the pictures are always colourful and interesting and this does not disappoint. This really is a family favourite for us. I’m pleased we’ve got a new, different version to play with and the boy is pleased too. He can choose which one he wants to play with dependent on his mood.

Board Game Review: Dobble Animals

Dobble Animals is available from a wide range of retailers and costs around £12.99 (and is worth every penny). 

We were sent the Dobble Animals game for review for the Asmodee UK Blogger Board Game Club. All images and opinions are our own.
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