Recipe: Luxurious Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Here in Manchester, we are currently being battered by our third big storm in a week. To say our February half term has been a wash out might be an understatement. We’ve battened down the hatches, snuggled ourselves in blankets and done the most sensible thing possible, we baked and ate a lot of cakes, and I’ve made several batches of my delicious hazelnut hot chocolate.

It’s properly good, rich and silky and something you’d probably pay nearly a fiver for in a fancy coffee shop. Really it is very easy to make, it takes hardly any time at all, and even my son likes to get in on the whisking action.

Hazelnut hot chocolate recipe

It’s excellent on its own, but we usually top ours with squirty cream and marshmallows, but you can do what you want. Add crushed nuts, chocolate sprinkles, or even a cherry. Do what makes you happy, because when the wild winds rage outside, a mug of extra rich hot chocolate just hits the spot.

This recipe makes two big mugs, but the recipe can be easily doubled, or quadrupled if you are making hot chocolate for a crowd.

Hazelnut hot chocolate

Luxurious Hazelnut Hot Chocolate


500mls milk, I used semi skimmed, but use whatever milk you like
50g milk chocolate, broken into squares
2 tablespoons of JimJams hazelnut chocolate spread, or similar chocolate spread

Top with squirty cream, chopped nuts, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, whatever you fancy!

Recipe: Luxurious Hazelnut Hot Chocolate


Heat the milk in a pan until just before it starts to boil.

Break your chocolate into chunks and after taking the pan off the heat, add the chocolate chunks and whisk through until it has melted.

Add the spoons of hazelnut spread and whisk again until the spread has melted. Make sure you whisk until the milk is frothy.

Carefully pour your hot chocolate into mugs and top with squirty cream, chopped nuts, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles; or whatever you fancy!

This is such a brilliant, rich hot chocolate, it always goes down a storm. It’s really quick to make too, and perfect for warming your cockles on a cold winters day.

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Hazelnut hot chocolate