Meegos Series 1 – New Cuddly Crochet Collectibles

Collectibles are always popular with children, but the things they want to collect might not always delight parents too. This month sees the launch of Meegos – handmade cuddly crochet dogs and puppies which are suitable from birth and are very sweet indeed.

Meegos are handmade in Bangladesh through a workers co-operative. The first order alone created jobs for over 4000 women! These cute crochet characters are fairtrade and they have brought flexible, sustainable employment to over 200 villages. They’re a cute collectible with a real feel-good factor!

Meegos Series 1 - Cuddly Crochet Collectibles

Meegos come in two sizes. There are Meegos Dogs which are 5 inches tall, cost £12.99 and take five hours to make, there are nine of these dogs to collect. There are 18 Mini Meegos crochet characters to collect. The Mini Meegos take 1.2 hours to make by hand, stand at 2 inches tall and cost £6.99 each. The Mini Meegos come in “Blind Boxes” so there’s the element of surprise when you buy them.

The Meegos are beautifully made. They’re handcrafted so although they’re made to a pattern, each one will be slightly different, something which I really like. They’re made from 100% cotton and filled with polyester and can be thrown in the washing machine on a cool wash.

Meegos Series 1 - Cuddly Crochet Collectibles

I really like handmade gifts and these are really lovely. They would make a nice little Christening gift, they’re also the perfect stocking filler size (if I’m allowed to say that in April).

One thing which does let them down slightly is the packaging. The flimsy box just doesn’t do this really lovely, premium product justice. However, if I were giving them as a gift, I would probably take them out of the boxes, wrap them nicely in tissue paper and present them nicely.

Meegos Series 1 - Cuddly Crochet Collectibles

Series 2 is going to be launched later on in 2018 and will feature Wild Animals. I genuinely can’t wait to see what they’ll look like.

This first series of crochet collectibles are available now at selected Sainsbury’s and Debenhams stores. For more information, visit their website.

Disclaimer: We were sent these Meegos for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.