Crafting: Testing out the Paper FX Dream Weaver Kit

We were sent the Paper FX Dream Weaver machine for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

We love crafting and I have a particular fondness for paper crafting. My family have owned a small printing and stationery business for around 50 years now, so I’ve always had ready access to all the paper I could ever need, which is nice.

Testing out the Paper FX Dream Weaver Kit

This week we have been playing around with the newly re-launched Paper FX Dream Weaver machine from Flair. It’s a set which includes everything you need to weave paper into pretty new things. It’s designed for people aged 7+, though I think it would probably need an adult to help set up and show how the process works; but once they’ve done that, then it’s really quite simple.

Testing out the Paper FX Dream Weaver Kit

You can weave all kinds of beautiful accessories, gifts and decorations from old magazines, wrapping paper, posters, junk mail and scrap paper. It’s a great way of recycling waste into new items.

The kit comes with a really detailed set of instructions, which walk you through the process step by step. The instructions take you from basic weaving, up to more complex things, like making bags.

How to use Paper FX

To use the Paper FX Dream Weaver, you just cut some sheets of paper using the measure, then crease them using the creasing machine. You will need to supply your own glue stick, as you will need to glue the folded strips of paper together. Once the glue has set you can then weave the strips on the loom.

Testing out the Paper FX Dream Weaver Kit

The four step process is simple; tear it, crease it, weave it, make it. The set can be a little fiddly to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really very simple. We were really impressed with what we made with it.

You can make all kinds of things, like handbags, purses, wallets, belts, as well as mats, coasters and more. Once you get the hang of it, the only limit is your imagination.

Testing out the Paper FX Dream Weaver Kit

The Paper FX Dream Weaver costs around £19.99 and it doesn’t need batteries. All the moving parts are hand cranked. You need to supply your own paper and glue, but all the weaving equipment you’ll need is in there, plus a really detailed set of instructions.

Watch my Instagram reel on how to use Paper FX.

Testing out the Paper FX Dream Weaver Kit

We really liked that you can take waste paper and turn it into lovely upcycled accessories. We’ve been using some plain coloured paper; but I think mixing in some magazine pages or newspaper would look really great too.

Paper weaving

Paper FX is available now from Argos and Amazon now. It costs around £19.99 and is suitable for ages 7+. 

8 Brilliant Ladybug Craft Ideas for Kids

If you’ve ever been on a nature hunt with children, there’s one thing guaranteed to bring them joy; it’s finding a ladybird going about its business. Ladybirds a adorable little insects who dedicate their lives to eating up all the greenfly and aphids we try so hard to keep off our rose bushes. They’re also pretty fun to make when crafting. Here are 8 brilliant ladybug craft ideas you can do with kids.

This origami Ladybug Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art is an adorable little craft to make with kids. Littler ones might need some help with the folding but will enjoy decorating it and using it when reading their bedtime stories. The corner bookmark is a great idea and one which could be easily adapted to create any number of bookish creatures and critters.

8 Brilliant Ladybug Craft Ideas for Kids

There’s more Ladybird origami from ET Speaks From Home, who has some very simple step by step instructions to follow and the ladybird looks great tucked into a vase of flowers.

For ladybird crafts around Easter, what about these ladybird painted eggs? I think they look very sweet and they’re really fun for kids to paint too.

The Gingerbread House came up with a great idea to paint rocks as ladybirds and bees and use them for insect naughts and crosses. Painting the rocks is really simple and using them in a game is just so clever.

8 Brilliant Ladybug Craft Ideas for Kids

Another ladybug craft from Red Ted Art is this very cute ladybug paper weaving craft. Paper weaving was always one of my favourite crafts at primary school and I love this cute little bug. She’d be a lovely cheery little critter to make on a rainy day!

Over on Little Hearts Big Love, there are some super-cute paper plate ladybirds. This simple and sweet little craft is prefect for pre-schoolers who are just dotty about these spotty insects.

If you prefer your ladybugs to have a bit of shake, rattle and roll, Play & Learn Everyday have these up-cycled ladybug shakers which just look like so much fun.

Crafts: Make Your Own Ladybird Flower Pot

Over the summer we painted an old terracotta pot to look like a ladybird. It was a really fun way to brighten up and old pot and it looked great too. Here’s how you can make your own ladybird flower pot.

Everyone loves labybugs don’t they? What’s your favourite ladybug craft?

8 Brilliant Ladybug Craft Ideas for Kids

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How to Scrapbook – Project Craft at Paperchase

I was an invited guest of Paperchase and I was not asked to pay for my workshop place or materials. All images and opinions are my own.

Paperchase (purveyors of beautiful stationery and arts and crafts materials) have recently launched “Project Craft”, a series of special crafting workshops for adults and children. The Project Craft sessions are currently only available in three flagship stores – Manchester, Glasgow and London, but they should be rolled out to a high street near you soon.

Being an occasionally crafty type, I was invited along to their Manchester store for an evening of crafting and cupcakes. The Project Craft workshops cost from £10 and include all the craft materials you will need for the session. Current Project Craft workshops include –

  • How to scrapbook
  • How to make a tissue paper pom pom
  • Card making with dye-cutting, lino print or foil
  • How to make kids crafts
  • How to make paper flowers
  • DIY stationery

A small group of happy crafters sat in a quiet corner of the store, next to the little cafe upstairs in an area set aside for Project Craft. We were there for the “How to Scrapbook” workshop, which costs £20 and includes a scrapbook and some materials. You are also advised to take along some photographs, old tickets, paper keepsakes and souvenirs that you might want to incorporate into your scrapbook.

project craft

If you’re a bit of a hoarder of tickets and little bits of paper, a scrapbook can be a lovely way to keep it all together and make something of your memories. At the workshop you create at least one double page layout and learn lots of useful tips including how to arrange your photos, layer pages and embellish your scrapbook with different products.

Sadly I’d forgotten to bring some things to scrapbook, but undeterred I rifled through some magazines and had a good rummage through the papers and embellishments they had. Thankfully I managed to forage enough nice things to make a few pages for my scrapbook.

project craft

There was expert tutelage from the Project Craft team at Paperchase. They gave an overview of the scrapbooking process, showed us some examples and sample templates and set us to work creating our masterpieces. There was always someone on hand to give advice and encouragement when required. I was the only scrapbooking virgin in the room, but I didn’t feel too far behind the others and whilst what I created was probably a bit basic, I was happy with the results.

project craft

Whilst my crafting heart probably doesn’t lie in scrapbooking, I did enjoy the process and I think this would be a nice thing to do with my son. Something we can use to document our days out together and something we can use to look back on in later life. I really like the idea of scrapbooking holidays and visits to museums and such like with him.

My scrapbooking might not be perfect, but it was very enjoyable and I learned a few things that I will take forward with me. I enjoyed my little taster of Project Craft at Paperchase and I will be booking in to try the lino print craft workshop soon.

Project Craft Workshops are available at Paperchase in Manchester, Glasgow and London, with more stores to follow soon.

Note: I was an invited guest of Paperchase and I was not asked to pay for my workshop place or materials. All images and opinions are my own.