Designing our dream pet with Petplan Insurance

England is a nation of animal lovers, whether you come down on the side of cats or dogs is up to you. If I were to give you a clue as to which side our household cheers for, we got a puppy 18 months ago and our carpets have never quite been the same since. She’s due to be “done” at the vets next week, thank goodness we’ve got Pet Insurance from Petplan, because we could probably have gone somewhere lovely on holiday for what her calamities over the last 18 months might have cost us otherwise.

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We seem to have a knack of finding the clumsiest pups. One of my excitable dogs used to love to run through brambles with her eyes open. Look away now if you’re squeamish, but she used to regularly have her eyelids sewn shut so they could heal. Thankfully our current pup Penny seems fractionally more sensible, fractionally.

Petplan Insurance offer Lifetime Policies, which can be a financial lifesaver. Having had two dogs who were diagnosed with cancer, but could live a good quality life for another year or two with treatment, I know just how much the vet bills can add up without pet insurance, especially if the cost of renewing their insurance is prohibitive.

This month Petplan Insurance asked us if the boy would like to design his own dream pet. Would he ever! If I could design my dream pet it would not chew everything to bits and it would pick up after itself when it went to the toilet. If I were to push things a little further, the ability to help with the household chores wouldn’t go amiss either.

Designing our dream pet with Petplan Insurance

But the boy has different ideas. He wanted a spotty dog with a very waggy tail and a giraffes body. It also had a cats head, just like his favourite cat Roxy who lives up the road. What he designed as his dream pet was slightly bonkers looking, but I think it might just fit right in here.

I sent a photo of his dream pet off to Petplan Insurance and a week or so later an exciting squishy package arrived in the post. When I opened it and was so excited by what the package contained that I let out a squeal. I knew the boy would love it. You can see his reaction below…

As I write this, he’s snuggled up in bed with “Spotty” and it’s very sweet to see. I love the idea that he got to design his own dream pet and some clever person somewhere managed to perfectly recreate it from his drawing.

Designing our dream pet with Petplan Insurance

Spotty is a very welcome new addition to the pets in this household. Though I fear those spotty legs might need some special cream from the vets!

Designing our dream pet with Petplan Insurance

Disclosure: This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Insurance, but all thoughts are my own.