37 things about me for my 37th birthday

Today is my 37th birthday so I’ve decided to blog my 37 favourite things about my life as well as some nice, positive (for a change) things about me.37 things about me for my 37th birthday

37 things about me for my 37th birthday

  1.  I have found increased confidence in my late 30’s which is empowering.
  2.  I have a wonderful husband (of 13 years).
  3.  I have an amazing, funny and adorable son.
  4.  I have a great collection of brilliant and caring friends.
  5.  I am honest, often brutally so, but you’ll never hear me lie.
  6.  I have a small but supportive family.
  7.  I am actually a pretty good Mum.
  8.  We have a place in Devon where I find ultimate peace and serenity.
  9.  I love to lie on the rocks and listen to the waves crash against them for hours. I love and fear the power of the sea.
  10.  I love a good storm, rumbles of thunder, flashes of lightening, the feeling of ecstatic foreboding is beautiful.
  11.  I’m a good cook, can make delicious meals out of nothing and I enjoy creating in the kitchen.
  12.  I love social media. Twitter has got me through some dark, dark times these past 12 months.
  13.  I love blogging. I’ve always loved writing and having my blog helps me get my thoughts and feelings out of my head.
  14.  Although I hate myself most of the time, I am kinda cute (but never beautiful).
  15.  I love to dance and go about it with gay abandon.
  16.  Music is my life and first love, though my tastes are mainly stuck around 1995.
  17.  I’m reasonably bright and excellent at Trivial Pursuits.
  18.  I am entertaining company especially on nights out.
  19.  I wear my heart on my sleeve and care a great deal about people.
  20.  I am a good listener and happy to lend a shoulder to cry on.
  21.  I am reasonably good at photography.
  22.  I love walking. With my iPod on I can walk for miles lost in my thoughts.
  23.  I am strong.
  24.  I am able to endure considerable physical pain.
  25.  I love Pilates even though it hurts.
  26.  I developed a love of film at uni and especially love Quentin Tarantino films.
  27.  My favourite sport is ice hockey. It is awesome.
  28.  I love Scandinavia and everything Scandinavian.
  29.  My favourite flowers are sweet peas. Their scent lifts my spirits.
  30.  I have an excellent sense of humour and the dirtiest laugh in Manchester (fact).
  31.  I no longer care what people think about me which is empowering.
  32.  I love trying new things and exploring various boundaries in my life.
  33.  I am a chronic underachiever but I’m cool with that now.
  34.  I pretty much always root for the underdog or at the very least I can see things from their perspective.
  35.  I am able to endure and have endured. And have survived.
  36.  The thing I am most proud of is my son.
  37.  I don’t fear being 40.
Happy 37th Birthday to me!

What are my Guilty Pleasures?

Guilty pleasures. What are guilty pleasures? In my book, they are things you like to do that you’re slightly embarrassed about. I’m an open book (if you’ve read my blog posts you’ll probably have gathered that) and I’m quite open and unembarrassed about stuff that other people might call a guilty pleasure.

I used to love Take That despite being a confirmed indie kid. I’m quite happy to admit a sneaky fascination with You’ve Been Framed and you know what, who doesn’t love a Caramac? See, nothing to see here, keep walking.

After much head scratching I’ve decided that my ultimate guilty pleasure is Quentin Tarantino. Now I know that’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I love his films. From True Romance (which he wrote but didn’t direct) which is just an awesome piece of film, to Reservoir Dogs. I adore Inglourious Basterds, every frame is superb, funny, graphic, brave, a little bit silly and just wonderful.

If I need to find my happy place, then really nothing hits the spot better than the Kill Bill films. Oh my goodness, if I ever need to feel empowered and like I need to dig myself out of an awful hole, then I just crank up the cruel tutelage of Pei Mei on YouTube and I’m in my safe and happy space.

That scene where she punches herself out of the coffin is just outstanding and life affirming and so powerful for me. That brave, courageous woman against the world fighting for her daughter. Beautiful. Only thing is I’ve never liked Pulp Fiction. Bit odd that, isn’t it. Sorry.

What are my most Guilty Pleasures?

I don’t really feel especially guilty about any of my pleasures. Maybe they’re just too innocuous for anyone to feel too bad about.

So those are my guilty pleasures, they’re not so terrible really. What are yours? Come on, spill the beans.