Today is Quit Day

I don’t want to give up smoking. I really, truly, genuinely love it. But today is quit day and this needs to happen.

I love the way it makes me smell. I love standing outside in the wind and the rain. I love forking out a small fortune on cigs. I love the potential health risks, the bad breath, the cough, and the yellow fingers. I love it.

I have my patches, my motivation is high and I’ve got one last fag in the packet. I know I will miss it, probably forever, but the benefits of giving up far, far outweigh the undeniable pleasures of smoking.

This weekend is probably the worst time ever to give up. Three kids parties and a boozy night out beckon. It’ll be a good test. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to be tested so thoroughly but I’ll give it a go.

Wish me luck if for nothing else that getting through all those kids parties.

Update: I’ve smoked my last fag and slapped a nicotine patch on. It was like the parting of two lovers stubbing that fag out. But times change. I need to do this. Let’s do this!