Scrambled Egg & Tomato Breakfast Wrap

Recently I’ve given up bread. Not all bread, but leavened bread because I eat too much of it, and when I cut it out I tend to lose weight a bit quicker.

I’ve struggled a bit with breakfast as I love scrambled egg on toast. I’ve tried just having scrambled egg but it felt a bit too frugal and it needed something else.

Searching for inspiration I found some tortilla wraps in the cupboard and came up with this breakfast wrap. I doubt it’s a new, exciting breakfast concept; but I love it and coming in at under 450 calories for a pretty hearty, tasty breakfast you can’t go wrong. And yes, I’ll admit it doesn’t look stunning, but it does taste amazing.

Chop two tomatoes into bite size chunks, put into a microwaveable dish and season to taste. I used salt, pepper, dried chilli flakes and a pinch of sugar. Microwave for two minutes, stir and microwave for one more minute.

Scramble two eggs however you’d normally scramble eggs. I add a dab of butter, no milk, no seasoning in this because the tomatoes are seasoned enough.

Take your tortilla, spread with the cooked tomatoes, top with your cooked eggs, roll it into a wrap and eat.

I think it’d also be great with some wilted spinach or chopped parsley. Whatever you fancy.

breakfast wrap








Honestly this is my new favourite thing. If I can’t have it for breakfast then I’ll have it for lunch. It might look a bit bland but it’s so good. In fact I think I’ll go and make another one right now!