Christmas Crafts: Make Your Own Snow Globes

As a child I collected snow globes and I was fascinated by them, shaking them and watching the snow or glitter fall. I’ve always fancied making my own. I’ve seen a million craft tutorials online about how to make your own snow globes, so I thought I’d give it a go. It was remarkably simple.

I’m keen to reuse and recycle our household waste as much as we can. For years all our jam jars have been washed out and used for a range of other uses, such as, storage jars, re-filling with homemade jams, chutneys and pickles and for various crafts. This time I put one of my empty jars to a more creative use. I made my own festive snow globe.

To make your own snow globes you will need…

1 clean jar with a metal lid
1 figure which will fit in the jar
A few drops of glycerine

snow globes

To make your snow globe…

Using the superglue carefully glue the figurine to the inside of the lid (make sure the lid is clean and dry), leave this for several hours, or overnight if you can. Once it’s stuck firmly to the lid you can continue making your snow globe.

snow globes

Tip around half a teaspoon of glitter into your empty jar, top the jar up with water and add half a teaspoon of glycerine. The glycerine helps the “snow” fall more slowly in the globe.

Once you’re happy and the jar is as full as it can be, dot superglue around the inside rim of the lid and screw it on the jar tightly. Leave it to dry properly for a few hours and then shake it up and enjoy your snow globe.

snow globes

It really is that easy, it looks really effective too. I suspect that this is a festive craft we’ll be doing again and again.