Stockport Foodie Friday – a fantastic festival of food!

Living in South Manchester, my local food festival is the increasingly popular Stockport Foodie Friday. This is a fantastic festival located in and around Stockport Market, and it takes place on the last Friday of each month.

I’ve been going with friends for the last few months and I’ve loved the child friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The range of interesting street foods, not to mention the market stall offering prosecco by the glass (a bargain £3 if memory serves).

The area outside the market hall is fringed with street food vendors, each with a small queue of hungry festival goers. Local bands entertain the crowds with live music which drowns out the gentle hum of the diesel generators which make it all possible. The pubs are filled with thirsty visitors and when the sun shines, the area is filled with relaxed and happy people, all contentedly munching away, bumping into people they know and happily soaking up the atmosphere. 

I’ve been to loads of food festivals and apart from the range and quality of the food, one of the things I enjoy most about Stockport Foodie Friday is the convivial atmosphere. It’s like a relaxed village fete with something for everyone. 

Stockport Foodie Friday
Tapas Y a la Carta at Stockport Foodie Friday. Photo: Esther Morrison

The last time I went I had an amazing veggie burrito from The Wrapscallion, the time before a Pad Thai from Somtam Street, and I can never resist a portion of hot churros with chocolate sauce. Both times I’ve been keen to try out the veggie dishes from Nasi Lemak Street Food, but both times they’ve sold out before I got there.

Each month there are old favourites as well as newer street food traders, indoors (where there is more seating) there are a few market stalls open as well as a bar or two. It’s a lovely evening out with friends and family. It’s great for kids and equally good with foodie loving friends who might enjoy a prosecco or a craft ale alongside their al fresco meal.

On the last Friday of each month you can usually find me chatting with old friends, making new ones, gobbling down some street food and quaffing prosecco by the glass at Stockport Foodie Friday. There’s plenty of parking and public transport nearby, the atmosphere is fantastic and the variety and quality of the food available is excellent. Stockport Foodie Friday is well worth a visit. 

To find out more about Stockport Foodie Friday visit their website.

Stockport Foodie Friday