Review: The Snack Organisation Rice Crackers

Way back in October in my monthly Degustabox I discovered a packet of sweet chilli rice crackers from The Snack Organisation. I’d had rice crackers before and they were a bit meh, nice enough, but you needed a good dollop of dip or a wedge of cheese to make a decent snack out of them. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was mightily impressed by these little healthy disks of flavour. So much so that I now buy them regularly. 

The Snack Organisation got in touch with me before Christmas and arranged to send me some healthy snacks for New Year. I’d only tried the sweet chilli flavour so I was keen to try the teriyaki and the lightly salted to see how they compared.

Rice Crackers

Each cracker is around 25 calories each, they’re small, but big enough to pile on some hummus or cream cheese. They cost around £1 per pack and there are stacks of rice crackers in each pack. I sampled each cracker “naked” ie without a topping, and then I spread a laughing cow cheese cube on (14 calories each), making each cracker approx 40 calories in total.

The sweet chilli rice crackers were still as dangerously moreish as they were the first time I tried them, just the right amount of sweet chilli heat, bags of flavour and crunchy. With the soft cheese on top these turned into what felt like a treat, but fairly low calorie. I’m having to stop myself from eating the whole packet!

Next up were the lightly salted rice crackers. I wasn’t expecting them to be too exciting, but they worked incredibly well on their own, really snacky, I could happy go through a bowl of these whilst watching TV of an evening. If you’re prone to snacking on a bag of crisps or two, then these are a good alternative, hitting all the right crunchy, savoury notes but being better for you and more filling than standard crisps. 

soy sauce, sake, ginger

I was surprisingly less keen on the teriyaki flavour, but hubs liked them the best, so that’s a happy ending. Teriyaki has soy sauce, sake and ginger flavours, so maybe they just didn’t go so well with my cheese cubes. I didn’t dislike them, they just didn’t hit the spot for me as much as they did for hubs. But the sweet chilli flavour will be my downfall!

These rice crackers are a great little snack, pretty healthy, definitely more filling than crisps and really flavoursome, your taste buds will never guess that you’re giving your body a healthy treat!

Note: We were sent these rice crackers from The Snack Organisation to try for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.