My Big Truck Book – Review

My boy adores all things vehicle. We can’t go out anywhere without a running commentary on every vehicle we pass. He particularly loves diggers, trucks and all kinds of emergency vehicles.

My big truck book

It was with collective delight when we were sent the “My Big Truck Book” from TickTock books to have a look at. It is a beautiful hardback book with child-friendly thick pages (not board but a thick glossy paper). As soon as I put it in front of him he exclaimed “Oh wow!” And I knew it was an instant hit.

At the grand age of two and a half he was only able to (really, really) appreciate the pictures, it’s not too wordy but the descriptions are probably more suitable for slightly older vehicle obsessed children. He did get a little bit bored when I tried to read to him, preferring instead to greedily flick through the pages to look at the other vehicles.

My only real (tiny) quibble is that some of the emergency vehicles appear to be from other countries, which is fine, but he didn’t immediately recognise the ambulance as an ambulance. Otherwise he instantly identified the diggers and trucks.

It is a lovely book, superb quality and something that he can appreciate on different levels as he grows. I would recommend it to any parents of transportation obsessed toddlers.


Disclaimer: We were sent this book free of charge, we were under no obligation to review it and we probably would have bought it for him at some stage anyway.