Outdoors: Putting Trespass walking boots to the test

We are a family who walks a lot. We love the countryside and although we live in Manchester we have a local nature reserve on our doorstep. Most weekends we go for a walk by the river, or through the woods; and we often take trips further afield. My husband loves to go walking in the Lake District, Derbyshire and Devon whenever he can.

We all own good stout walking boots for when we go out for an amble. When I broke my ankle when I was hill walking in 1994, the A&E Doctor told me if I’d not been wearing my good boots I would have shattered my ankle completely. His words have stayed with me and I always wear them when I’m walking.

Outdoors: Putting Trespass walking boots to the test

My husband goes on an annual walking weekend in the Lake District each June. His old walking boots had seen better days. He decided to invest in a new pair to break in now in readiness for his miniature expedition. After some careful consideration he opted for the “Source men’s brown boots” from Trespass.

Trespass sell a broad range of walking boots, clothing and accessories, so there were plenty of boots to choose from. Knowing he’d get several years of walking trips out of the boots, he went for a top of the range boot. They cost £79.99, but Trespass had discounted them from £159.99 so he was very happy with that.

Outdoors: Putting Trespass walking boots to the test

The Source men’s walking boots are a sturdy pair of boots. The upper is breathable leather and has been designed using tres-tex technology, which helps to prevent moisture seeping into your boots.

The boots have a steel shank inside the sole, this helps stop any sharp edges from rocks or fragments from piercing the sole and injuring your foot. The sole of these sturdy boots is made from Vibram rubber which is known for being hard-wearing and is ideal for tackling rough and tough terrain.

Outdoors: Putting Trespass walking boots to the test

But are they comfortable? Yes, as he was lacing them up for the first time he said they were really comfortable. He took himself off on a walk down by the river and through the woods and came back smiling. The boots were comfortable, fit really well (he’s a size 10) and didn’t rub. Of course it’s going to take a few local walks to break them in and mould them to his feet properly, but he’s excited about wearing these on his walking weekend in June.

He’s worn them every day since they arrived, just for an hour each morning when he takes the dog out, but he’s had no complaints. He’s walked through puddles, mud and muddy puddles in our local woodland, down by the river and in the nature reserve.

Outdoors: Putting Trespass walking boots to the test

He’s given his boots a quick clean when he’s returned home (because if you look after your boots, they’ll look after you) and he’s had no blisters or rubbed bits on his feet. They’re cushioned around the ankle, comfortable for him to wear and they look great on. He’s very happy.

It pays to invest in good boots. Not only will they help protect you if you take a tumble; but they’re designed to look after your feet, keeping them dry and comfortable over long distances. I’m certain his new Trespass walking boots will be good for several thousand miles.

Visit the Trespass website to find out more about their range of walking boots and accessories.

Outdoors: Putting Trespass walking boots to the test

We were sent these walking boots from Trespass for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Fitness: Spinal Rehab – Getting Fit Again

This year hasn’t been great, I’ve had two surgeries on my back and spent the best part of 8 months lying down in pain or being shunted about in a wheelchair. I’ve got my legs back now and can walk again though I still have back pain and numbness in my legs. I need to focus on my recovery now, on my spinal rehab.

When I look back at where I was 18 months ago I was fit. I’d do around 4 hours of Zumba or other dance a week. I ran a bit and I’d walk for miles and miles. I used to love yoga and I was strong and flexible and most definitely fit.

Eight months of pain meds, biscuits and lying down have taken their toll and I’m as weak as a kitten. My legs shake, I have lost my core stability, I am weak and I hate it. Luckily I’ve got myself on a spinal rehab programme which is trying to make me strong again.

I’m only at the very start of my journey but I’ve got to walk a maximum of 2 miles a day. I’m allowed to return to Pilates as long as that’s done at my pace and I don’t push myself. I must learn to sit again and lie down less. I’ve got to complete my physio exercises daily. I must push myself but not too far. I’ve got to do some basic household chores but I’m not allowed to lift and bend which is tricky with a toddler. I’m not allowed to take him out in his pushchair yet as that’s too strenuous. I am weak.

You’d think that this would be frustrating for me, my inability to function normally, to rely on others to empty the washing machine so I can peg out the washing, but no. I’ve been broken for so long just doing that is an achievement and makes me feel like I’m a more useful member of the household.

I want to start swimming again. I used to be a competitive swimmer and I was super strong and I want to be like that again. My Zumba days are most likely behind me and I’ll probably never run again as any activity which involves impact could further damage my spine. Spinal rehab is a careful balance of pushing yourself but not too far.

I’m 36 and I’ve got to be careful. But I’m grateful not to be in horrendous pain anymore. I’m grateful that when my feet touch the floor more often than not I can feel the floor. I am grateful that I can start to be a proper wife and mother again. I’m incredibly grateful to the surgeons for giving me my life back.

Now I need to take my life and shape it into something that makes me happy and fulfilled and most importantly a lifestyle that suits my ruined spine. Existing can be exhausting and if I overdo it I can be in pain for days. I’m determined to get fit again and I want to be strong. I need to be strong.

So if you go for a walk with me, sorry if I can’t keep up. If you want me to join you in the park with my son, I can’t push him there I’m sorry. If you want me to go clubbing with you I can’t dance. But I’m not going to lie down and rot ever again, not if I can help it.

I’ve been told it’ll be 2-3 years before I’m recovered from the surgeries and that I may always have pain and numbness. I can live with that because I’ve got my life back. Now I just need my strength and fitness.

Fitness: Spinal Rehab - Getting Fit Again