October Update – What’s going on with us?

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote any kind of personal update post. I guess you get an idea of the things we have been doing, reading, making and eating from my blog posts, but that’s not the same as an actual proper update post is it?

I’m good, I think. I’ve done the virtually unthinkable and joined a gym. With my terrible back I’m not allowed to run, jump, skip, hop, shimmy or bounce, so I do a couple of aqua classes a week and when I go to them I’ve started swimming too. I started on 20 lengths each time and I’m trying to add another two lengths each week.

October Update - What's going on with us?

I’m monstrously unfit and I’m pretty determined to get a bit fitter. I do feel stronger and I get such a buzz a couple of hours after I finish. I’m shattered though. Two mornings a week at the gym, a full time job around that and a busy family life are exhausting. I’m hoping that I’ll get used to it and I won’t feel quite so tired anymore.

Apart from that, Ben is good. He’s busy with school. He’s turning 8 next month and after half term he will be moving from Beavers to Cubs. I don’t think I’m ready for him to make that move, it seems so grown up. He is so grown up, he grew a whole inch and a shoe size over the summer. He makes me proud of him every day, in big ways and in small ways too. He’s the best thing ever.

October Update - What's going on with us? Ben

Matt my other half has just signed himself up for a couple more 10k races. It keeps him busy and he enjoys it. I’m glad he’s doing something for himself. He works very hard and does a lot for our family.

This weekend is our 18th wedding anniversary which I believe is porcelain. We don’t do presents really, though I might take him out for lunch somewhere.

October Update - What's going on with us? Jane and Matt
Me and him in 1995. It was a very, very long time ago.

And the dog, well she turns 2 this month, so I guess I’d better bake her a cake and buy her a new squeaky toy. She’s brilliant, lively, intelligent and a great companion for me. I don’t take her out as much as I’d like (she still gets at least two walks a day) but she worships me and one of my favourite things is taking her for a walk down the river and watching her bounce. I’m still convinced she is part kangaroo.

The main thing I’m struggling with at the moment is balance. I’ve got a lot going on and the things I want to do are not always the things I have to do. I need to think about what my real priorities are and move towards dealing with those.

About this time last year I made a decision that I would blog Monday to Friday every week during 2018. It’s been great fun and I’ve felt a lot more organised. I’ve not really struggled for content and I kind of feel like the people who regularly read my blog have appreciated the more structured routine of it.

Blogging at least five times a week is quite tiring and hard work, I don’t know if I should carry it on through next year too or if I should go down to four times a week or what. I’d love your thoughts on that. I don’t want to do an official survey with a clipboard, but it would be really helpful if you had any thoughts about what you liked or didn’t like so much and what you’d like to see more of.

So that’s me, or us. Nothing ginormous to report, we’re just cracking on with life, as usual.

Thirteen Years

Thirteen years ago today I married the man I loved. I love him more now than I ever have, life has challenged us and we’ve survived it.

In our thirteen married years we’ve seen birth, death, poverty, riches, new jobs, old jobs, recessions, happiness, sadness, life changing surgeries, depression, confusion, change, stagnation and love. Most importantly love.

Without love who are we? Without loving someone or having someone love us back we are empty husks of people. It doesn’t matter if the thing you love is your husband, your child or a cat. Without love there is no meaning in this life.

I’ve not always loved my husband. Sometimes I’ve hated him, resented him, envied him. We’ve shouted, stamped our feet and screamed at each other. We’ve said and done hurtful things to each other. But we try never to let the sun set on an argument.

The day we married, my Mum said that he seemed to grow into a man when he slipped the ring on my finger. I’ll never forget the way he looked at me at that moment, his eyes so full of love and pride. He still looks at me like that now. Sometimes, not all the time. But he loves the bones of me and I love him right back.

He is my best friend, my lover, the father to my son, my provider, my saviour, my soulmate. I reckon life isn’t done with us yet, there’ll be more surprises round the corner, good and bad.

Life never wants to sit still, it likes hurtling along at ten thousand miles an hour. It’s a scary rollercoaster, but with him holding my hand I know I can be brave and that whatever twists and stomach churning turns we make, as long as we’re together and we love each other we’ll get through it.

So please be upstanding, raise a glass and let’s toast the Groom for putting up with me. Cheers!



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