Review: Weight Watchers Mini Ice Cream Pots

With summer on its way, the lovely cosy comfort foods we’ve been indulging in over the winter months are starting to give way to lighter, fresher foods. When it comes to pudding I’ve waved slightly tearful goodbye to apple crumble and custard (for now) and I’ve opened my freezer to frozen desserts. If the boys want ice cream, then ice cream they shall have! We were asked to try these Weight Watchers Mini Ice Cream Pots, so we gave them a rigorous testing.

Weight Watchers Mini Ice Cream Pots

These Weight Watchers Mini Ice Cream Pots come in two flavours, chocolate with honeycomb and toffee fudge. They are 52.5g each with the chocolate and honeycomb flavour containing 86 calories and the toffee fudge flavour 72 calories. If you’re following Weight Watchers each pot counts as 2 ProPoints. They are also suitable for vegetarians.

The little pots are just the right size if you fancy a sweet treat. The boys enjoyed them and they were the perfect amount for my 5 year old who gave me a very chocolatey smile when he’d finished.

I’m not really able to eat ice cream these days due to my lactose intolerance, but I tried a few spoons of both flavours. I liked them both, the toffee fudge was quite sweet for my own taste, but hubs polished his off approvingly. The chocolate was my favourite, not too rich, but indulgent enough to hit the spot. I liked the little crunchy pieces of honeycomb which added some welcome texture.

These mini pots ideal if you are watching your weight but can’t go without the occasional sweet treat. I know they have quite an extensive range of other desserts to choose from including several other frozen desserts, yoghurt, chocolate mousse and puddings. Something for everyone.

The Weight Watchers Mini Ice Cream Pots cost around £2.50 for four little pots and are available from a wide range of retailers. We bought ours from Sainsbury’s but I believe they are also available in other large supermarkets. A nice low-calorie ice cream treat for summer!

Note: We were sent these Weight Watchers ice creams in exchange for a review. All images and opinions are our own.