Retro Toy Review: Plasticine fun for creative kids

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We were sent these Plasticine products for the purposes of this post. All images and opinions are our own.

I remember my childhood as being fairly Plasticine packed. It was one of those things which was brought out on rainy weekends to keep us entertained, and it did. I remember playing with it; creating little scenes, rolling it out and cutting out shapes and eventually muddling all the colours together until I had a giant blob of brown Plasticine to play with. It was all good fun and it remains popular today.

Retro Toy Review: Plasticine fun for creative kids

Plasticine was invented way back in 1897 and is a non-toxic, sterile, soft and malleable clay that does not dry when exposed to air. Ideal not just for kids, but for makers of stop-motion animation, like creators of Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Animations. It’s also excellent for sensory play; my son tells me they use it at school to help them calm down and relax. I’m all for that, and having spent a happy few hours messing about with the stuff, I can confirm it can calm adults too.

Plasticine Softeez Noodle Doodle Assortment

These Plasticine Softeez come in three different themes, ocean, jungle and circus. The boy wanted to try his hand at the ocean themed one, so we sat down and had a quiet hour carefully peeling off each “noodle” of Plasticine and decorating our card templates with it. We had lots of fun with this, deciding how best to fill in the blanks and what colours to use. They are great little sets and make ideal little gifts. They are suitable for ages 3+ and cost around £4.99 each.

Retro Toy Review: Plasticine fun for creative kids

We did have to borrow a plastic cutting tool from the Plasticine Toolz box, and I think adding a small tool to the set would be useful; but you could just as easily use a butter knife or something blunt and child friendly instead.

Plasticine Toolz

The Plasticine Tool Box includes everything you need to help you make your very own Plasticine models. It has 7 colours of Plasticine; 5 shaped cutters, 1 modelling tool and 1 roller which are stored in a sturdy box. The tool box comes with carry handle for modelling on the move.

Retro Toy Review: Plasticine fun for creative kids

It is suitable for aged 3+ and costs £12.99 from Amazon (other online stores are available). We really liked this little tool box of fun. The range of colours is great and although it comes with a selection of tools and some suggestions for what you can do, the only limit is your imagination.

Retro Toy Review: Plasticine fun for creative kids

Plasticine is great for young hands to make fun shapes with. It’s a perfect modelling material as it never dries out. You just need to use your imagination to create shapes, animals, vehicles and all the things you can dream of, plus it’s a great way to teach children how colours are made and mixed, with basic sets from just £1.50, it’s a great budget buy for creative kids!

Retro Toy Review: Plasticine fun for creative kids

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