Book Review: Paperscapes – The Spectacular Journey Into Space

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Last week we reviewed The Amazing World of Animals, a Paperscapes books from Carlton Books. This week we are taking a look at Paperscapes – The Spectacular Journey Into Space. The Paperscapes books are beautiful hardback books, filled with die-cut images and facts and information about space.

Discover space as you’ve never seen it before! Take a look at the most fascinating machines to explore the solar system and beyond. As you fly past the planets you’ll meet space probes, robotic rovers, satellites, space stations, rockets and more. Discover something new with every turn of the page.

The Spectacular Journey Into Space takes a look at the wonders that can be found in space, both natural and man-made. Unlike the other books in the Paperscapes series, the The Spectacular Journey Into Space features 29 photographs and a number of CGI images.

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Written by Kevin Pettman, The Spectacular Journey Into Space is packed with all kinds of fascinating space facts. It’s an impressive collection to dip in and out of.

The Opportunity Rover has recently been in the news. It was built to last just 90 days, has ended its mission after 15 years on Mars. The Spectacular Journey Into Space tell us that Opportunity carries cameras for three different purposes; navigation, avoiding hazards and collecting images for research purposes. It was also launched by a Delta II heavy rocket and a landing craft carried it onto the surface of Mars. These are all great facts my son can look up whenever he wants.

The Spectacular Journey Into Space is suitable for children aged 7+. My 8 year old son absolutely loved it and found it an easy and interesting read. The language isn’t too simple and older children and even teenagers would find the book interesting and enjoyable.

Besides the facts, the really interesting thing about The Spectacular Journey Into Space are the dye-cut images. Many are photographs or CGI recreations and they really leap off the page. Each image has perforations around it, you pop out the surroundings leaving the image to stand out within its frame. It’s very well done and makes it a joy to read and look at.

If you like the idea of these Paperscapes books, but space isn’t your thing, there are three other books in the series –  The Incredible World of BugsThe Amazing World of Animals and The Fearsome World of Dinosaurs.

Paperscapes – The Spectacular Journey Into Space by Kevin Pettman is published by Carlton Books and costs £12.99. It is available online and from good bookshops.

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of Paperscapes – The Amazing World of Animals for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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