Crafts: Make your own Button Craft Bag

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Button craft is really popular at the moment. My craft group did some button art earlier in the year, although I missed the session I was keen to try it for myself. The world is your oyster when it comes to buttons, glue them, stick them, sew them, the only limit is your imagination. This month Craft Merrily have challenged the Bostik Bloggers to create a back to school themed craft, a tricky topic I think, but a decent challenge.

When I opened by box of craft goodies I found a bag, big enough to use as a book bag (or pop my iPad in). I also noticed a handful of buttons in the bottom of the box, not enough to do anything with but enough to give me ideas. I was a little bit inspired by a wedding dress we were sewing bright buttons onto at The Lost Carnival at Dunham Massey over the weekend. So off I went, hunting for my old button box. I think most households have one of these, an old sweetie tin filled with an assortment of buttons of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Crafts: Make your own Button Craft Bag

I had enough buttons to monogram the bag with the letter A. Choosing the brightest and the best, I set to work with my rudimentary sewing skills and an hour later I had something which I was fairly pleased with. It’s a simple enough craft and one I’d happily do with a child who was past the beginners sewing stage. 

HOW TO MAKE YOUR Button Craft bag

You will need:
1 fabric bag
A selection on buttons in different shapes, sizes & colours
A needle
Thread (I used cotton embroidery thread)

Crafts: Make your own Button Craft Bag

How to make your Button Craft bag:

Have a look at your bag and visualise the letter or image you want to sew on it in buttons. You might want to softly sketch your design onto the bag with a pencil. This will help you to follow it when you’re sewing.

When you’re happy with our design, thread your needle with the thread and start sewing the buttons onto your design. Think carefully about where to sew your buttons. Make sure you’ve got a good spread of colours and sizes across your design. 

Keep sewing until you’ve finished your design. Make sure your buttons are secure. My design took me around an hour and I’m pretty average at sewing. 

Crafts: Make your own Button Craft Bag

I’m quite pleased with how my first foray into button craft has turned out. It has inspired me to raid the button box again and see what else I could rustle up.

Have you tried button craft? What would you make?

Crafts: Make your own Button Craft Bag

Note: I am a Bostik craft blogger and I was sent the materials to create this craft from Craft Merrily. 

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