St Helen’s Farm Hamper of Goaty Goodness

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A couple of weeks ago there was a knock at the door and a nice young man handed me a large box, a large box of goaty goodness from St Helen’s Farm.

I’d met some nice people from St Helen’s Farm at Blog On MOSI, I’d nibbled on their samples and expressed my deep affection for goats cheese. They told me how goats milk products had been shown to be better for people with eczema; my ears immediately pricked up, I have a variety of skin problems including eczema and psoriasis, as well as that deep, almost primal yearning for goats cheese I mentioned earlier.

The hamper arrived and was immediately set upon by the small boy. Clearly he was half starved, having not eaten for at least an hour, and was soon face first in one of the yoghurts, the lovely stuffed goat toy we were sent tucked under his arm.

The following night I made tagliatelle with goats cheese and courgettes using goats butter, goats milk and goats cheese from the hamper. It was utterly delicious, not at all too “goaty” and not a scrap was left on plates.

St Helen's Farm

I know one of the common concerns about goats milk products is that they’ll taste of goat. We were sent skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole goats milk, I’m not a milk drinker but I tried it and it just tasted of milk. I used it in cooking and the boys had it in cereal. I’d happily give the St Helen’s farm goats milk fridge space again.

We tried the goats cheese and the mature goats cheese and they were predictably delicious. We tried this cheddar style cheese on toast, with tagliatelle (see above) and on a veggie burger. I love goats cheese and it hit the spot, the mature cheese was especially good with a hint of nuttiness.

The only thing I was less keen on was the goats butter, which I found absolutely fine to cook with, but I didn’t like it on its own on toast, though the boys had no complaints.

I was really glad to have been given the chance to try pretty much the full range of goaty goodness from St Helen’s Farm. I will definitely be buying their delicious cheddar style cheeses and creamy yoghurts again. I’m pleased that they’re so easy to cook with and so delicious to eat.

St Helen’s Farm products are available from all major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Waitrose and Co-op.

Disclaimer: St Helen’s Farm sent me the hamper to try free of charge, this has not had any impact on my opinion. All words and images are mine.

13 thoughts on “St Helen’s Farm Hamper of Goaty Goodness

  1. I love goats cheese too, I always have some in the deep freeze for emergencies, my little ones like a chunk in the bottom of veg soup so it slowly melts as you eat it.

    1. Strange isn’t it. I couldn’t even go near the butter on toast but the milk was fine. It was such a great hamper, I loved trying it, and the cheese, oh how I loved the cheese πŸ™‚

  2. Me and The Bloke absolutely adore goats cheese, we use it in everything! I have an intolerance to cows milk/cheese but I do a lot better with goat. It’s never occurred to me to get the milk and I didn’t realise butter is available! You look like you used it in the best way there – yumm!

    1. Oh the milk is really worth trying, we couldn’t even tell the difference in our house. The mature cheese is excellent, a bit different to the usual goats cheese too.

  3. I have an intolerance to cows milk and do wonder if I would do better with goats. Never heard of goat butter before. Thanks for sharing. #TriedTested.

  4. I absolutely love goats cheese, you’ve now got me craving some!! Off to the shops for me I think! x

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