My New Speedo Kit for Getting Fit!

A few years ago we booked a holiday to Cyprus. I looked at my baggy, threadbare swimming costume and decided it was time to treat myself. I bought a cheap “fashion” one from a high street store. It was black with a suck-in-your-tummy panel, some rouching to disguise said tummy and some boob-tastic cleavage enhancers. It did the job, I looked decent enough in it and since I rediscovered swimming, it has had very regular outings.

Last week I finally got fed up with it. So what if my boobs look all kinds of awesome, it was no good if the straps kept falling down when I was swimming and it was starting to show its age. Time for an upgrade, I’ll keep the boob-tastic one for swanky spa days and the like; I needed something more appropriate, there was only one answer, I needed a Speedo costume, but one that still looked good poolside.

Speedo Swimming Costume
My new Speedo Get Fit Kit!

I went for the Premier Sculpt One-piece in a lovely blue; it has two lines of white piping under the bust and adjustable shoulder straps. The costume has control panels pretty much all over it to make wobbly bits less wobbly, there is some bust support but there’s no va-va-voom to speak of. The Speedo Sculpture range shapes and smooths the body to enhance and control your curvy bits.

I tried it on and it was comfy. For a lady of curves (euphemism alert) I have a small bottom and costumes are always, always baggy on the bum, so that was the first thing I noticed. But I do have an abnormally small bum, so don’t let that put you off.

The squishy middle bit of me was smoother and battened down for minimum wobble (and no doubt to make me more streamlined in the water), but the boobs, my pride and joy, my boobs were appropriately contained but not enhanced. I thought I looked quite fetching in it and it was rather stylish, much better than my boring black one I’d been wearing.

Did I swim better? Well I wasn’t bothered by the straps slipping because they didn’t. I did feel more streamlined and supported in the water which is kind of the point of a proper swimming costume. It was comfortable, I looked good in it, I felt good in it. I loved it. I’m glad I’ve now got a more appropriate costume so I can look good and feel more serious about my fitness.

I also treated myself to some goggles, after several weeks of sore eyes and getting splashed in the face by fellow swimmers, I decided that this was an essential piece of kit. I went for the Speedo Aquapure IQFit goggles which have been designed to be easily and securely adjusted to fit any head.

Apparently some clever boffin measured head-sizes from all over the world to find the right dimensions for the goggles, because of this they are easily adjusted just using the head strap or the strip across the nose. This means they’re more likely to be really comfortable and less likely to leak.

They were indeed comfortable, once I’d adjusted them to fit my head properly they fit beautifully, they didn’t leak or fog and they stopped me getting sore eyes. I really liked the look of them too, they matched my new costume a treat.

I’ve still got (but can’t fit into) my old competitive costume from when I was a teenager, I loved it, it’s got all my badges sewn onto it, but not the medals, that would’ve slowed me down. It’s a blue, Speedo costume, so I feel a little like I’m returning to the old, sporty me. It’s been too long.

So I’m starting to look good and feel good. I can see in the not too distant future that I’ll be adding the awesome looking Speedo Fit Pinnacle costume to my collection. It still looks good, but it’s designed for proper, full on fitness, which is my eventual aim. Let’s do this!

If you’re into swimming can I recommend the Speedo Pinterest boards. They’re brilliant, full of great advice and motivational stuff that’ll help you find or keep your swimming mojo.

Disclaimer: Speedo were kind enough to let me choose an new swimming costume and googles, to help me on my road to fitness as a thank you for my (always honest) review.

19 thoughts on “My New Speedo Kit for Getting Fit!

  1. Agree there is nothing worse than straps falling down, its on of my pet hates! Love speedo its really good quality #TriedTested

  2. Nice to read about the goggles being designed to fit a variety of faces. I broke my nose when I was a child and my bridge is wide as lumpy as a result. I have to get wide bridged glasses and goggles have always dug in terribly. Next time I’m looking for goggles these will have to be on my list!

  3. I REALLY need a new cossie! I love the idea of a bit of holding in of my mum tum too!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I never learnt to swim! If I ever get around to learning then Speedo will be my first port of call, thanks for sharing x

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