Silent Sunday 23/2/14

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34 responses to “Silent Sunday 23/2/14

  1. That looks very peaceful. I would be happy having a picnic there :-).

  2. Hooray it’s not raining anymore and hopefully spring is on its way!

  3. Exactly, no rain! Maybe Spring is coming after all…

  4. expressionconfession

    It does give a sense of peace- calmed me down amidst chaos!

  5. Shahnaz β€œAKA” MummyBeBeautiful

    A lovley shot x

  6. Lovely crocuses. Spring is on its way!

  7. A sure sign that spring will be here soon!

  8. Beautiful quiet, peaceful Silent Sunday shot – just as it should be x

  9. Super Busy Mum {Debs}

    Looks nice and quiet there. What every Sunday afternoon needs….a little peace. x

  10. Gorgeous crocuses – they look so good en masse … and no rain πŸ™‚

  11. Lovely photo! It looks so peaceful there x

  12. Coombemill - Fiona

    Is that a carpet of Snow Drops?

  13. twinstiarasandtantrums

    Spring has finally sprung πŸ™‚

  14. spring is just around the corner – yippee! x

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