Recipe: Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

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I am and always have been very pro-peanut butter, my husband on the other hand is fiercely against it. This is great news for me, it means if I buy anything peanut buttery it won’t mysteriously vanish overnight. On a recent visit to my local Co-op I spotted something peanut butter fans will probably have been dreaming about for a while, Butterfinger Mini Cups. They were on offer for £1 a bag, so I bought two bags – one to scoff and one to bake with.

Firstly, each bag contains 85g of Butterfinger Mini Cups. Apparently they are “sharing bags”, no one is going to share a bag of these and they’re so addictive the bags don’t even have that resealable thing most sharing bags have. No one is saving some for later. They’re gone before you know it. This is a warning, especially if you’re a bit on the greedy side like me.

Recipe: Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

If you’ve never tried Butterfinger Mini Cups before, they’re a bit like Reece’s peanut butter cups, but smaller and with tiny crunchy pieces inside. I first had a Butterfinger bar a couple of years ago from a shop which sold American sweets and it wasn’t love at first bite. For some reason the Butterfinger Mini Cups really hit the spot for me, they really are mini, so I thought they would be great in rocky road, and they were.

Rocky road is one of those quick and easy things you can quickly throw together, you don’t need much skill and it’s a good thing to “bake” with children, although there’s no actual baking involved. Rocky road is what we used to call chocolate fridge cake when I was a child, except chocolate fridge cake doesn’t have marshmallows in it, you can leave them out if you’re vegetarian and just add some extra dried fruit or biscuits.

Recipe: Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

I’ve used digestive biscuits, but you could equally use rich tea biscuits, sometimes I use malted milk biscuits because I love them. Rocky road is a pretty forgiving recipe, you can add whatever extras you want. What would you add?

Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

200g Milk Chocolate, broken into small pieces
2 Tablespoons of golden syrup
135g Unsalted butter
200g digestive biscuits
100g Mini marshmallows
50g Raisins
100g Butterfinger Mini Cups
50g white chocolate to decorate (optional)

Recipe: Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

Line a high sided baking tray with baking parchment. I used a small roasting tin because it seemed up to the job.

Put the milk chocolate, golden syrup and butter in a glass bowl. Using a bain marie (put an inch or two of hot water in the pan and place the glass bowl over the top making sure the water doesn’t touch the bowl) over a gentle heat. Stir the chocolate until everything has melted together.

While the chocolate mixture is slowly melting, put the biscuits into a plastic bag and bash them with a rolling pin until they’re broken up, but not crumbs. Ideally you want a mixture of chunky pieces and smaller, crumbly bits. Once bashed, tip them into a mixing bowl. Add the marshmallows and raisins.

Take the butterfingers and put a few to one side for decoration. Take the rest and chop them in half, add them to the biscuit mix.

Once the chocolate has melted, take it off the heat and carefully tip the biscuity mix into the chocolate. Stir it well and make sure everything is coated. Then tip it onto your baking tray spread the mixture out. It needs to be about 2cm deep as a minimum for maximum rocky road excellentness.

Take the Butterfinger Mini Cups you’d put to one side and poke them into the mixture so they’re visible, but the melted chocolate will anchor them in place. If you’re feeling fancy, you can melt the white chocolate (again over a bain marie) and drizzle over. Leave to set before slicing.

Recipe: Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

You can either put the tray in the fridge or somewhere to cool for a few hours. Once set, slice it into generous wedges and devour. If you can restrain yourself, it will keep in an airtight tin for a few days or so.

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Recipe: Butterfinger Mini Cups Rocky Road

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  1. These look delicious Jane, they wouldn’t last very long in my house. I’ve seen those butterfingers in the shops but have’nt tried them yet I think you’ve convinced me !

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