My Sunday Photo 17.4.16

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I promise hand on heart that this photo hasn’t been edited or messed about with in any way. We’ve been on holiday in North Devon all week and this was taken on Westward Ho! beach. The tide was just going out and the spring sunshine was dancing on the wet sand and creating a beautiful sky-sand mirror. This photo was taken with my Nokia Lumia phone and I think it’s rather beautiful and a little like a watercolour painting. 

The photo shows a silhouette of my husband as he approached an ancient shipwreck sticking out from the sand. We’d visited last year and had a good look at the wrecks and I was keen to see if they were still visible, which they are. You can read more about the history of the wrecks and see close up photos in this blog post from last year.

15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 17.4.16

  1. What an amazing photo; and the reflection on to the wet sand is so clear
    And what a long way to the water’s edge…!

  2. I love the mistiness and sense of soft focus in the surrounds of this shot – adds a certain air of mystery to the figure in the distance.

  3. That is a really beautiful photo. It does look just like a watercolour. I love it when photos turn out a bit differently!

  4. Beautiful photo – the beach looks like it goes on forever and it does look like a watercolour painting 🙂

  5. Looks lovely – we saw some of this when we were in the Gower recently – it makes the beach look so big and endless, love it!

  6. So pretty indeed! The colors and that reflection on the receding water is so lovely! #mysundayphoto

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