My Sunday Photo 8.5.16


This year Tatton Park in Cheshire have a full programme of events to celebrate 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl. Being epic Roald Dahl fans, we ventured down to the farm at Tatton Park to see if we could find our friend, The Fantastic Mr Fox.

When we got there we had a good look around and ended up in the woodland play area. The small boy couldn’t resist a go on the adventure playground. I love watching him in action and I always try and take a step back to give him the space to explore without me shouting “please be careful” at him all the time. I won’t always be there to pick him up, so he needs to learn that himself.

I’ve digressed. The Roald Dahl events at Tatton Park are well worth exploring, with events, installations and exhibitions happening throughout the year. You can read my review of Fantastic Mr Fox at the Farm here if you’d like.

Have a good Sunday 🙂

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