Free Printable: Nice List Certificate Template

Download your free Nice List Certificate printable here today!

Now November is upon us, my thoughts are turning to Christmas. As I write this, we are in the middle of a pandemic and we are locked down and unable to go out, winter is settling in for the season and there doesn’t feel like there’s too much to cheer about. This is why this year I’ve decided to go all out for Christmas.

It may be smaller than we’d like, we might not be able to go to church or meet up for celebrations with friends and family, but I will be decking the halls brighter than ever before. I want to bring some extra twinkle, sparkle and love into my home and one of the ways of doing that will be really pushing the boat out for my son.

The Twelve Days of Christmas at Tatton Park 2017

That doesn’t mean I’ll be spending thousands of pounds of the latest gadgets, games and gizmos; it means I’ll be sprinkling some extra Christmas magic about the place. Part of what I do every year is a Christmas Eve Box and it always, always brings good cheer. I never really spend very much on it, it’s just full of fun things to do on Christmas Eve and it’s as much a part of our Christmas as turkey and Christmas stockings!

One thing I’m adding this year is a Nice List Certificate. It’s a simple thing and a nice little addition to the box. It’s also free, which is also quite important this year when many people are tightening their purse-strings.

Download the Father Christmas version hereFree Printable: Nice List Certificate Template father christmas

As I was making one for our use; I thought I would make two versions and make it available for you to download for free too. I made two versions because some people call the big bearded man Father Christmas and some call him Santa Claus. So I’ve made one of each and you can take your pick!

Download the Santa Claus version here

Free Printable: Nice List Certificate Template Santa

All you need to do is print it out and fill in the name of the child on the nice list. I’m hoping it will serve as motivation for an early night and no early morning Christmas stocking opening! Merry Christmas!

Free Printable: Nice List Certificate Template

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25 great ideas for filling your Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve box is a relatively new tradition for us. I’m not even really sure where it came from. We’ve always done the Elf on a Shelf thing and for the last few years the Elf has delivered a Christmas Eve box to our house from Father Christmas.

I think the idea of the Christmas Eve box is to give little ones something to tide them over until Christmas Day. Something that will help to calm their excitement and enthusiasm for not going to sleep or for waking up incredibly early. We’ve usually been quite lucky with the early morning wake ups, but the going to sleep on Christmas Eve is always a bit tricky.

To us, our Christmas Eve box should be filled with nice things we can do together as a family, things that’ll keep us cosy and things we will just enjoy. We have a small personalised sack we use for ours, but in previous years we’ve used boxes we’ve decorated. You can buy special boxes, but if you have the time and inclination, it’s nice to decorate your own.

18 ideas for filling your Christmas Eve Box

Your box can be as simple or as complicated as you want. If you’re struggling to think of what to put in yours, here are some of my suggestions.

25 ideas for filling your Christmas Eve Box

  1. New Christmas pyjamas
  2. New Christmas slippers
  3. A Christmas book to read at bedtime
  4. A DVD to watch together as a family on Christmas Eve
  5. A Christmas mug, hot chocolate and marshmallows
  6. Family snacks – popcorn, chocolate whatever you like!
  7. A special Christmas decoration to hang on the tree
  8. The Santa plate to leave a snack out for Santa
  9. Reindeer food
  10. Christmas crafts to make together
  11. A magic key if you need one
  12. Christmas cookie baking kit
  13. Nice list certificate (which you can download for free here)
  14. Christmas colouring or activity books
  15. Letter from Santa
  16. Novelty Christmas socks
  17. Christmas bubbly bath, for Christmas Eve bath-time
  18. Your Christmas stockings to hang up for Santa
  19. Christmas colouring or activity books
  20. Christmas socks
  21. A Cuddly toy
  22. Gingerbread House decorating kit
  23. Candy canes
  24. Some fun Christmas crackers for kids
  25. A novelty Christmas jumper

Obviously you don’t need all 25 of these ideas, pick and choose what works for you and create a box which suits your family. What will be in your Christmas Eve box this year?

25 great ideas for filling your Christmas Eve Box

Updated on 16th November 2020.

Christmas Book Review: The Christmas Snowflake

One of our family traditions is a Christmas Eve box. We pack up a box full of lovely things for Christmas Eve, new pyjamas, some nice treats to nibble on and a Christmassy book to read together at bedtime. This year we’ve chosen The Christmas Snowflake from Wonderbly, a wonderful personalised Christmas story.

Christmas Book Review: The Christmas Snowflake

The Christmas Snowflake tells the tale of a lonely snowflake who is looking for a place to call home this Christmas – but only you and your family can help! Like with other personalised books from Wonderbly, The Christmas Snowflake is beautifully illustrated and full of wonderfully festive images.

Christmas Book Review: The Christmas Snowflake

This heartwarming story includes personalisation for up to 9 family members, friends or loved ones and as the final page is turned, you’ll find a charming pull-out-and-keep ornament – something that you can hang on your Christmas tree!

The Christmas Snowflake is written in a lovely rhythmic style, which reads well. The personalisation within the book is very smoothly done and children will enjoy spotting familiar names throughout the story.

Christmas Book Review: The Christmas Snowflake

The book comes in a hardback format and contains 34 colourfully illustrated pages. The style of the illustrations is almost vintage, and of course it’s wonderfully festive. The pull out snowflake on the last page is inspired and a lovely surprise at the end of the story.

Christmas Book Review: The Christmas Snowflake

The Christmas Snowflake is a wonderful keepsake book which you can bring out and read year after year. I can’t wait to read this special story with my son, personalised stories are such a treat.

Personalising your book with Wonderbly is really easy, just visit their website, choose your story and add the names of up to 9 of your child’s favourite people. You can also add a personalised dedication to be printed on the first page.

The Christmas Snowflake costs £19.99 and makes a wonderful gift for any child or family this Christmas; or you could put it in your Christmas Eve box like me.

We were sent The Christmas Snowflake from Wonderbly for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.