Beautiful Festive Flowers from Floric

There’s only one thing I love more than buying fresh flowers for my home, that’s being sent fresh flowers as a nice surprise, just because someone wants to see the smile on my face when I receive them. Pre-child we always had a bouquet of lovely flowers on our mantelpiece, a little floral pick-me-up every time I walked past them. Sadly these days floral gifts seem to be reserved for special occasions, but I hope that this might change in the near future.

In December, before the decorations go up (absolutely no earlier than the 16th in our house), I do always get a lovely bouquet of festive flowers for the table, just to ease us in gently to the season. This year was no exception, on 5th December a beautiful bouquet of 24 beautiful red tulips from online florists Floric were delivered to my door.


The flowers arrived carefully packaged and protected in a box. They were beautifully arranged with some matching red festive sizal wrap and came with two sachets of flower food and a gift card. The tulips weren’t open on arrival, but once in a vase and after 24 hours in my house they started to open up. In another day or so these tulips are going to be stunning.


I think it’s always wonderful to receive flowers, but I think they’re especially nice to receive in the run up to Christmas. These Christmas tulips from Floric are just £24.99 and delivery is free. They also have other styles of bouquet in their Christmas range, so there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets.

With my vase of 24 beautiful red Christmas tulips adorning my table, I can’t help but start feeling a little bit more Christmassy each day. They’re a lovely, cheery thing to receive, either as a gift, or a token of appreciation to the Mum, Auntie, Sister or Grandma who helps make Christmas extra special each year.

Note: I was sent these beautiful flowers from Floric free of charge for review purposes. All images and opinions are my own.