The Daily Grind – Finding Caffeinated Happiness

I have for a number of years been a proper coffee addict. Everything about a good cup of coffee sings of happiness. The smell of freshly ground beans in the morning is enough to make my mouth water, and a decent pot of coffee is the key to my productivity as a copywriter and I love a lazy weekend with a pot of coffee and all the newspaper supplements I can manage. Though if you push it too far with the strong stuff you can be burning the midnight oil for all the wrong reasons.

I was converted to the joy of freshly ground beans by my father-in-law, a great man who grew up drinking steaming shots of sturdy middle eastern style coffee and very much enjoyed sharing his love of coffee with me. He taught me the finer points of making a good brew and where to find the best roasted beans, though these days the world is awash with artisan coffee bean roasters who boast beans from across the globe and a thousand different flavour notes. My father-in-law had a seriously beautiful antique coffee grinder on his kitchen wall and I loved standing by it as he ground the beans for his next brew, it just smelt so darn good.

When hubs and I moved into our home together, along with all the relentlessly practical things any household needs, top of my list was a good coffee pot and a good quality coffee grinder. We searched around a bit for what I wanted and eventually found a really good quality coffee grinder from John Lewis. It’s done nearly four years of almost daily service and it’s still blessing me with caffeinated happiness every day.

I couldn’t exist without my coffee, it puts a spring in my step and some zing in my day, I know I would be a sleepier, grumpier person without it.

coffee grinder