A Vintage Evening at Didsbury Lounge

Being a helpful, affable type, it’s in my nature to answer pleas for help and to do what I can to help my fellow man (or indeed woman). With this in mind I donned my expert wine tasters cape (yes, I do have one) and toddled off to Didsbury Lounge to help them decide what wines to add to their existing wine list.

Despite the fact I’d miss out on the final of GBBO, I considered it my duty to ride to the rescue, ensuring the good people of Didsbury will have top notch wine to quaff on the run up to Christmas. I’m incredibly selfless; you’re picking up on that aren’t you?

We were guided through a veritable sea of wines by Noel Reid, Wine & Spirits Manager from Robinsons Brewery. I felt in expert hands, Noel is a former international wine judge and an expert wine taster. Noel, (the lucky pup) basically gets to travel the world drinking wine for a living, or as he put it “sourcing exceptional wines”.

We tried a range of wines (listed below), but fear not, I’m not going to get all Jilly Goulden on you and start prattling on about hints of gerbil or that the wine tastes like freshly mown meadows or what not.

  • Frederico Pinot Grigio Collezione
  • Finca Los Alijares Viognier
  • Verdicchio Dei Castello Di Jesi Manciano Bonci
  • Sancerre Blanc Serge Laloue
  • Durius Reserve Syrah 2007
  • Rolling Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
  • Tiasta Malbec Reserve
  • Casarena Single Vineyard Perdriel Malbec
  • Montelvini Asolo Prosecco Millesimato Extra Dry

They were all good wines, some were great wines and some I wanted to take home and marry. Not everyone agreed on which wines we preferred, so there really was something to please everyone. Not all the wines listed above will make the final cut, but my standout favourites were the Sancerre and the Casarena Malbec. All of the wines I’d happily drink again and again and again though.

Didsbury loungeThankfully the good people of Didsbury Lounge were kind enough to reward our wine quaffing generosity by laying on some nibbles from their new menu. We had sticky rice balls, salmon mousse, aubergine dip, hummus, falafel, tzatziki and some still warm bread.

For me a highlight was the falafel, which were crispy and spicy. Falafel can often be bland afterthoughts, but these really hit the spot for me. I also really loved the sticky rice balls which had a warming hint of Thai spice with a crispy, crunchy exterior. I’ll be back for more of them. Possibly for breakfast in the morning. Who knows.

We finished the evening with a glass of Prosecco (this is Didsbury after all). It was a very fine prosecco, just the right level of dryness for me. I believe magnums of this delicious prosecco are available on Saturday nights for a bargain £25. You know where to find me on Saturdays now!

So next time you’re sipping a rather special Sancerre in Didsbury Lounge, spare a thought for this selfless blogger and all the hard work she put in to ensure you, yes you, only get the best. You’re welcome.

Didsbury Lounge can be found at 43 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, M20 6TW, Tel: 0161 434 2408 http://www.didsburylounge.co.uk/

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Didsbury Lounge and were not asked to pay for any of the food or drink we had.