Fitness Shoe Review: Avon Workout Trainers

My friendly neighbourhood Avon lady dropped round my order this morning. I was excited, not just because I like getting goodies, but because I’d ordered the new Avon Workout Trainers and was keen to see what the fuss was about.

Avon describe them as –

“Everyday trainers designed for low impact on joints with increased comfort. Thermoplastic and polyurethane. Super grip flexible sole to provide traction on multiple surfaces. Helps encourage leg muscles to work harder. Designed to help improve overall balance and posture.”

What do I think about the Avon workout trainers?

I was a big fan of their fit-flop style flip flops but having recently had some back surgery I was excited to try these out. Plus the trainers were on offer at only £20, how could I resist?

Fitness Shoe Review: Avon Workout Trainers

My first impression of these Avon workout trainers was they were very pink. I’m not really a pink kinda girl but I’ll soldier on with these. I gave them a good look at all over and noted that the sole was slightly rounded, similar to MBTs but not quite as defined. This would be really great for my back and my posture as I’ve been hunched for months and need encouragement to stand up straight.

I popped them on and they were comfortable, they seem a good size and fit. Because of the rounded soles they took a little bit of getting used to; but after a couple of trips up and down the stairs and round the house it was time to road test them.

I didn’t walk far because I can’t walk far yet, but immediately I noticed my general posture was improved. I was standing and walking straighter and taller. I’m really weak after my surgery but I could feel a pull in my stomach and bum muscles. I know I’ll never look like Jessica Ennis, but I reckon if I wore these for a little while each day they’d help get me stronger quicker than regular trainers would.

I like these Avon workout trainers, I like them a lot. They are very pink, but I imagine Avon will eventually do them in another colour. They are called workout trainers but I wouldn’t wear them to the gym. There isn’t enough bounce in them to protect your joints properly; but they’d be great for pottering about in and doing all the things you do as a busy Mum. Plus for just £20 you can’t go far wrong.

I’m not sure if the Avon Workout Trainers are currently available. The stock on the Avon website seems to be quite seasonal, but they do pop up on a regular basis, so do keep your eyes peeled if you fancy a pair.