Craft Tutorial: Kusudama origami flowers

I’ve been part of a local craft club for a little over a year now. We meet once a month for an evening of crafts and each month we try something different. At the first craft club meeting I went to we learned how to make kusudama origami flowers. They are pretty simple to make and once you get into the rhythm, making them becomes addictive. 

Craft Tutorial: Make your own kusudama origami flowers

All you need are some squares of paper and some Bostik glue dots. I added a button and a pipe-cleaner stem, but a lot of kusudama origami flowers don’t have these. It’s easier to make them with thinner paper rather than card. They’d work well with nice wrapping paper cut into squares for example.

Craft Tutorial: Make your own kusudama origami flowers

You can use squares of paper of any size depending on the size of flower you want to make. You will need to make the petal segments in odd numbers. You’ll need to make a minimum of 5 segments, but 7 is a good number to make. I’ve seen them with 15 petal segments and more. Once you’ve got the knack you can really get creative with your kusudama origami flowers.

There are lots of design ideas on Pinterest if you want to take a look. My friend made 20 kusudama origami flowers and attached them to a string of fairy lights with the light shining through the centre of the flower. I have a bouquet of them in a small vase on my dining table. 

It’s much easier to show you how to fold the petal segments and put the flower together than it is to try and explain. I’ve made a video tutorial to walk you through it. 

Making kusudama origami flowers is a lovely little craft to know how to make. It’s a good entry level origami craft and one which you can do with the kids too. A bouquet of colourful kusudama origami flowers would make a lovely gift for flower loving friends, relatives or teachers. Say it with paper flowers?

Craft Tutorial: Make your own kusudama origami flowers

Note: I am a Bostik craft blogger and I was sent the materials to create this craft from Craft Merrily. 

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Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

I’ll hold my hands up, when I originally planned this blog post it was all about doing Mother’s Day crafts with my five year old son. We enjoy crafting together, making things that are beautifully wonky and imperfect, but I very rarely spend any time by myself doing some crafting, partly because of lack of time I guess. This month I looked at our box of seasonal goodies from Baker Ross and decided it was time to do some crafting by myself, and the results were very pleasing, at least I think so.

Mother's Day crafts

We were sent a box of ceramic bird flowerpots to paint, these were pretty adorable and we set about painting them in our own style. He wanted to paint his black, but thankfully I was able to steer him towards some brighter colours. I just did whatever I fancied and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I’m no artist but they were really lovely to do, especially together. I have bought some tiny crocus bulbs which I’ll plant in them nearer to Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day crafts

The next thing I tackled were these lovely tissue paper flowers. I sat down for a quiet half hour and made myself these lovely blooms. They were incredibly easy to do, everything you needed was in the pack. I just wrapped a pipe-cleaner around the middle of the tissue paper and then slowly and gently teased the paper out to form the flower.

They were so simple to do and really relaxing, I was a bit sad when I’d made them all and the pack was empty. I put them all in a vase which now sits on my office desk, brightening the place up, they never need watering and they’ll never die. I really love them!

Mother's Day crafts

As you can see from our Mother’s Day crafts, there are lots of really cheery, colourful crafts you can do to usher spring into your home. The flowers would make a lovely gift for mum, but if you really love her you’ll make her a cup of tea and let her get on with making them herself!