Celebrate Easter with Corte Molino Prosecco from the Co-op

We were sent two bottles of Corte Molino Prosecco to try in exchange for a review. All images and opinions are our own.

What a year it’s been. For me it’s been a year of worry about everyone I care about and in turn, all the people they care about too. What with working from home, home schooling and lockdowns x3, there’s been very little to celebrate; and as a consequence I’ve popped very few corks.

But times, they are a-changing. Spring is coming, swathes of people are getting vaccinated and there’s a distinct whiff of hope in the air. Let’s hope it lasts.

Corte Molino Prosecco – from the Co-op

Every other week or so, I virtually meet my friends for Zoom drinks. This is something I resisted for a while, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it; but Zoom drinks are now my favourite kind of Zoom. We’ve done gin tastings and wine tastings, bingo drinks and all kinds of stuff; but over the weekend I popped a cork on a bottle of Corte Molino Prosecco from the Co-op and I had the most fun evening.

Corte Molino Prosecco is currently available from the Co-op in two different varieties. There’s the regular Corte Molino Prosecco which costs £8.50 a bottle (currently on offer at £7 a bottle until 6th April 2021), and a lovely Corte Molino Pink Prosecco which also costs £8.50.

The pink fizz is newly launched and well worth seeking out. It’s made from a blend of Glera and Pinot Nero grapes, and has a jolly pink colour. It is a very easy drinking, light fizz with flavours of raspberry and strawberry and some delicate floral notes for good measure. It was just the thing for a Zoom drinks night; and it would make a fine and rather affordable gift or a treat for a friend or for yourself. Treat yourself.

Corte Molino Prosecco – from the Co-op

The white prosecco, which is currently on offer is also very, very drinkable. I’m going to hold my hands up and say even I couldn’t drink two bottles of fizz in one night, by myself; so I saved this to perk up Sunday lunch with. The white Corte Molino Prosecco is really crisp and dry, with lemon, peach and elderflower flavours. It’s a terrific bottle of fizz and one I’d happily buy week after week for Zoom drinks and other occasions.

I sometimes find prosecco a bit hit and miss, sometimes they can be too dry or too acidic, but these are really good quality and great value. I think £8.50 is a really good price for prosecco of this calibre.

Corte Molino Prosecco is currently available from the Co-op.

Review: Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

I visited a friend over the weekend to share a few glasses of prosecco and put the world to rights. When she told me that when she usually drinks prosecco, she pops a pastry brush in the top of bottle I was fairly horrified. It is apparently just the right size to keep the bubbles in. However, we are not barbarians, so I told her about my new Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper and which I’d picked up at the UK Wine Hour Live event I went to recently, thankfully I’d brought my new stopper with me to try out.

If you’re anything like me, I often hesitate to open a second bottle of fizz knowing I will only drink one glass and the rest will go flat before I get the chance to finish it off another day. The Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper keeps the bubbles in the bottle and ensures that your fizz stays fresher for longer.

Review: Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

It has an easy clip and lock mechanism which was a little stiff the first couple of times I locked and unlocked the stopper. Once I’d got the knack it was very easy to use. The stopper has a sleek black and silver matt finish, and once it is locked in place it is completely spill-proof, so you can lie your open bottles down in the fridge if you need to. It also means they are really great for picnics or whatever when your bottle might not always stay upright.

We used it throughout the night, keeping the bottle in the fridge and opening the stopper to pour fresh glasses of prosecco. We were impressed. Our prosecco retained all of its fizz and we tested the stopper was leak proof by turning the bottle upside down. There was a satisfying hissy fizz whenever we opened the bottle and I am incredibly impressed with the Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stoppers ability to keep my fizz fresh.

Review: Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper

The Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper costs around £12.99 but I’ve spotted it on Amazon for a few pounds less. If you drink prosecco as much as I do, this is a great investment. It would also make an excellent gift for any wine loving friends you may have.

To find out more about the Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper, visit their website http://avinawinetools.com

Note: I was given an Avina Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper as a gift, all images and opinions are my own.