Ready for School with Ready Brek Easy Sachets Porridge

Autumn is here and there’s a definite nip in the air. I want to send my boys out for their busy days with something warm in their bellies, something which will give them energy and keep them full and fuelled until lunchtime. Ready Brek are launching two new flavours which are part of their easy sachets range. They sent me both flavours for us to try, their new gingerbread and chocolate flavours as well as the traditional original porridge.

The Ready Brek Easy Sachets are very simple to make up, just tip the sachet and the required amount of milk into a bowl and microwave for 90 seconds. It’s really quick and easy, ideal for busy mornings and the race to get ready and out of the house without being late for work or school. Cards on the table, I’m not a porridge fan but the boys are, so I had two very willing expert testers and I even dipped my spoon in to sample.

Ready Brek Easy Sachets

Chocolate flavour – this was an all round big hit, it’s tasty Ready Brek but chocolate flavour. It’s delicious and feels more like a treat than a porridge. The boys loved this, even I finished my bowl, which shows just how moreish the chocolate flavour is.

Gingerbread flavour – The boys liked the gingerbread, it wasn’t too gingery for the small boy and it had a delicate ginger flavour. I think this is the perfect porridge for autumn and the run up to Christmas. Personally this wasn’t gingery enough for me, but I like a strong, strong ginger flavour, for me this would be excellent with a little drizzle of stem ginger syrup.

The Original flavour – This is the traditional Ready Brek we all remember from our childhoods. The flavour and consistency haven’t changed, it’s just much, much quicker to make. They boys variously enjoyed theirs plain, or with a dollop of jam, a drizzle of honey, or a spoon of nutella. I like that with the original you can dress it up whichever way you like.

I like that a warm, tasty breakfast is so quick and easy to conjure up, and I like knowing that the boys are leaving the house in the morning with something warm inside them, which should hopefully set them up for the day.