Things to do for Lent: Saving money each day!

Each year I try to give up something, or take up something for Lent. 40 days is a doable period of time to cope without chocolate or crisps, or even gin. This year, with money being a little tighter than usual, I’ve decided to combine the giving up of something with something positive, like saving money each day to give myself and my son a nice treat.

Since I started working in an office again, it’s become very much my custom to pop into a coffee shop for a brew on my way in. It’s a way of making the early starts a little bit more bearable. However, my morning treat does add up over the course of a week, so I’ve decided to spend two minutes each morning having some quality time with my kettle, and saving the money I would normally spend on my morning coffee in a big jar.

Things to do for Lent: Saving money each day!

I figured out if I put the £2.50 a day I would normally spend on a coffee into a jar, by the end of Lent I’d have £100 to spend on something nice for myself. There’s a part of me that wants to do some good with some of that money, so I’m also thinking of making a charitable donation with a portion of it too.

I know that being able to spend £2.50 a day on a coffee is a privilege. Realistically, it’s not one I can afford long term. I suppose giving it up for Lent and incentivising myself by saving the money is my way of weaning myself out of my coffee shop habit.

For good measure, I’m also going to try and knock chocolate on the head, because I’ve been using it as foodie comfort during the tough times I’ve waded through recently.

So, that’s no bought coffee, no chocolate and hopefully saving myself a minimum of £100, less a charity donation. Wish me luck!

If you also want to try saving money for Lent, I’ve made a little chart to show you how quickly those pennies can add up.

Things to do for Lent: Saving money each day!

It soon adds up!

  • Saving up 50p a day, adds up to £20.
  • £1 a day rises to £40 for Lent.
  • £1.50 comes to a £60 total.
  • £2 a day means you’ll save £80.
  • £2.50 each day means you can save up £100 over the Lenten period!

If you too decide to save some money this Lent, please let me know how you get on, and what you’re going to spend you savings on. I’ll give an update on my progress too!

If you like the idea of doing something else for Lent, I have 40 acts of kindness or I have 40 ideas for things to give up, or take up for Lent too!

Things to do for Lent: Saving money each day!