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Breakfast Ideas: American Style Blueberry Pancakes

Pancakes are for life, not just for Shrove Tuesday. I mean, it’s the law to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but we also like to have them at other times of the year too. We’re big fans of a weekend pancake breakfast and I love them as a little treat. This week, using a Sweetpea Pantry Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix, I knocked up a quick and easy batch of seriously good American Style Blueberry Pancakes.

The best pancakes I’ve ever had were in America, blueberry pancakes covered in syrup and blueberry compote. I’ve tried several times to replicate that joyous plate of pancakes and I’ve cracked it. Thick, fluffy pancakes with my homemade fridge blueberry jam spooned over. They’re a thing of beauty!

Breakfast Ideas: American Style Blueberry Pancakes

The Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix from Sweetpea Pantry is made with protein-rich buckwheat, quinoa, Omega-3 loaded, heart-friendly flaxseed and teff grains for fibre, calcium, iron and vitamin C. It’s much healthier than any pancake mix I could make!

This pancake mix is a great base on which to build flavour. I mixed it up according the instructions on the box and added 100g of fresh or frozen blueberries and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. I then melted some butter in my good pancake pan and cooked the blueberry pancakes in small batches. The mix made 8 American Style Blueberry Pancakes.

To serve them, I spooned my lovely homemade jam over the top, whipped cream or yogurt are optional but recommended. For extra sweetness if you need it, you could also drizzle over a bit of syrup; this is a treat after all!

Breakfast Ideas: American Style Blueberry Pancakes

The Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix from Sweetpea Pantry (and their other mixes) are available from Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Booths, Marks & Spencer and a range of other retailers. Each mix costs £2.75 and they’re delicious, family friendly mixes with a healthy and nutritious twist.

I was sent a Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix in return for this post. All images and opinions are my own.

Lent 2014

The last few months seems to have been all about giving things up. Last October (and yes, again last month) I gave up smoking. Three weeks ago I gave up (for one month only) coffee, tea and diet coke. Now Lent is upon us once more and it’s time to decide what I’ll eschew for the next 6 weeks.

For the past 15 or so years I’ve given up chocolate. Or crisps and chocolate. Sometimes I might throw something else into the mix, like cake or something. I’ve toyed with the idea of giving up alcohol, but such an idea is wholly inconceivable!

I’ve thought long and hard this year about what to do. I eat so much bread, too much bread and I know that it piles the weight on me when I do, so I’ve decided to give up leavened bread as well as crisps and chocolate.

I know that it’s something I can work with. I can still have pitta and tortillas but no big, doughy baps. It’s no bad thing. I like giving things up, it’s an exercise in self control and proof that I can do without naughty things.

The first week is always the worst, because you’re used to just reaching for the wrong things, after that it does get easier and I enjoy the challenge of it.

Afternoon Tea


What will you be giving up, or taking up for Lent?