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FREE Valentine’s Bookmark Colouring Printable

Express yourself and your love of reading this Valentine’s Day with this FREE Valentine’s Bookmark Colouring Printable for children.

Children often like to give little tokens of affection to the important people in their lives. My son is always writing me sweet little notes and bringing home pretty leaves and pebbles he’s found. On special occasions he likes to make his own cards. He’s a creative kid and it’s a very lovely thing and only to be encouraged.

He’s now part of a junior book group with some of his friends from school, they’re all avid readers and what to avid readers need? Book marks! I’ve put together a Valentine’s Bookmark Colouring Printable for those who just love to read.FREE Valentine's Bookmark Colouring Printable

Download your FREE Valentine’s Bookmark Colouring Printable here.

Print them out onto card, colour them in, cut them out and give them to the special people in your life. If you’re feeling fancy you can punch a hole in the top and thread through some ribbon to give your bookmarks a bit of finesse.

Modern bookmarks are available in a wide variety of materials in a range of designs and styles. Many are made of card, but you can also find bookmarks made from paper, ribbon, fabric, felt or plastic.

Some bookmarks can be very ornate and expensively made, some people use bus tickets, post-it notes or scraps of paper to mark where they are up to in a book. If you know someone who uses an old bus ticket, why not make them a pretty bookmark they can treasure and enjoy using forever.

To make your coloured bookmarks last forever, you could cut them out and laminate them. They really do make lovely little gifts and sweet tokens of affection for keen readers.

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FREE Valentine's Bookmark Colouring Printable

FREE Snow Day Colouring Printables

When we woke up this morning, outside was strangely silent. I peered outside and the road was covered in a few inches of snow. We live 5 minutes walk from school, but I had a feeling we’d be getting an email to say it would be closed for the day. With an 8 year old to entertain, I started thinking about what we could do, apart from build a giant snowman!

I decided we would probably do some baking, maybe do some crafts and I’d try to get him to do some homework. But I knew I’d need a bit of quiet time to get on with a few of my own things. So I quickly put together some snow day colouring sheets for him to do.

It’s always nice to share, so here are three snow themed colouring sheets to print off and colour in. It’ll keep the kids occupied for a little while at least!

Download your FREE Snow Day Colouring Sheets here!

What kind of things can you do on a snow day to entertain the kids?
  • Build a snowman
  • Go sledging
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Make snow angels
  • Do some baking
  • Do some crafts
  • Read a book
  • Build a den
  • Have an indoor picnic

What else could you do on a snow day?

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