Crafts: How to make an Egg Box Dragon

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Egg boxes have long been used for all kinds of kids crafts. They lend themselves to so many things, so this month we’ve turned one into an egg box dragon.

Dragons are our favourite mythical creatures. In our world they’re mostly friendly and none of them need slaying. Of course dragons have been figures in fiction for hundreds of years but only recently they’ve developed a friendlier reputation. We’re very fond of our bright green dragon, we’ve called him Dave and he’s a bit sparkly.

Crafts: How to make an Egg box Dragon

Our egg box dragon took a couple of craft sessions to make. We painted him first and left him to dry overnight. The next day we decorated him and made him look all fierce and fancy.

How to make an egg box dragon

You will need:
One egg box
Green, red or orange paint
String or wool
Googly eyes
Blu Tack Glitter Pens or glitter
Bostik Glu Dots
Red and yellow card
Black felt tip

Crafts: How to make an Egg box Dragon

How to make your egg box dragon:
Using whichever coloured paint you choose, paint your egg box, making sure it’s well covered with paint. Put the box to one side to dry, preferably overnight.

Once dry, cut the egg box up. we cut our six egg box into thirds, so each section had two egg spaces. You can do them individually if you prefer. Using a skewer carefully poke through holes where you want to thread your sting through and tie your dragon parts together. We also poked some holes through to thread pipecleaner horns and a ridge on it’s back. A grown up will probably need to help with the tricky cutting, poking and threading.

Crafts: How to make an Egg box Dragon

Thread the string though the holes and tie the ends together. Thread through your pipecleaner horns and using the glu dots, stick on the dragon’s eyes. Then you can go crazy decorating it. We added sparkles and sequins along its body and dabs of glitter from the glitter pens. I can’t sing the praises of glitter pens enough, all the sparkle of glitter but without the mess!

Crafts: How to make an Egg box Dragon

Draw on some details with your black felt tip, I added a snout detail on his face and leave the glitter to dry. While your glitter is drying, cut out some red and yellow flames and stick them to your egg box so it looks like your dragon is breathing fire. Your dragon is now ready for some dragon action.

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