8 Amazing Aubergine Recipes

I love aubergines. They are by far my favourite vegetable in a world full of gorgeous veg. I know they can be a bit love/hate, but I maintain that most of the people who say they hate aubergine have just never eaten one which has been properly cooked. An undercooked aubergine is a woolly, spongy nightmare, whereas a properly cooked aubergine is a soft and yielding thing of rich, luxurious beauty.

Aubergines are something I cook with pretty often. As a vegetarian they are a hearty culinary gift. I love Mediterranean food, and the aubergine is often showcased spectacularly in Mediterranean cookery. I quite often cook Armenian food and one of our favourite recipes is imam bayildi, which almost feels like a health food it’s so packed full of veg.

8 Amazing Aubergine Recipes

Aubergines are really great for dicing and throwing into chilli and other slow simmered dishes. I often do this as it’s a great way to sneak a bit of extra veg into my family. It also melts down to nothing if you do this, so no one will ever know!

I’ve picked out some of my favourite aubergine recipes; partly because for me it’s handy to have all the links in one place, but also because other aubergine fans might like to try them out too.

8 Amazing Aubergine Recipes

Imam bayildi – this is a delicious Armenian style baked aubergine, filled with lots of healthy vegetables and baked in the oven until the aubergine is soft and silky. It’s by far my favourite recipe in the world.

Aubergine bruschetta – this tasty dish makes a delicious starter for a dinner party, or a lovely hearty lunch for the family. It is so delicious, it is a regular weekend lunch for us.

Vegetarian Recipe: Aubergine Bruschetta

I love making a filo pie, often with feta and spinach, but this version made with a jar of aubergine is so tasty. Served with a crisp salad and a glass of wine, it’s a simple but elegant meal.

Moussaka is a classic dish in the world of aubergines. It’s not always the quickest meal to put together, but on a cold autumnal weekend, it’s a lovely thing to spend time making. Here’s a slimming world version from blogger Jen Mellor.

One pot aubergine pasta – this recipe from Abel and Cole is a firm family favourite of ours. It is pretty quick to throw together. It’s incredibly tasty and it’s all cooked in one pot, so there’s minimal washing up. It’s a winner!

One of my favourite quick but delicious dishes to make is shakshuka. Blogger Savvy Dad has come up with a vegan version using aubergine, which sounds so good!

Ikra is a delicious Armenian aubergine dip which goes great with crusty bread or on a mezze board. I often whip up a batch for the weekend. It’s a solid staple at my favourite Armenian deli, but it’s also great to make at home too.

8 Amazing Aubergine Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good curry? Becky from A Beautiful Space has shared this incredible looking courgette and aubergine curry, featuring two of my favourite vegetables. This is one to bookmark for later!

What’s your favourite aubergine recipe? I am always on the look out for new ways to use this beautiful vegetable. Let me know in the comments!

8 Amazing Aubergine Recipes