Thirst quenching things to do with Robinsons Squash

With the central heating on pretty much all the time I’m finding that I’m thirsty a bit more than usual. Winter makes me feel like my skin is drying out too. The obvious solution to this is to drink more water. I’m not that keen on plain tap water and I’ll only drink bottled water if I’m out and about. Water is boring and tea and coffee fill me full of caffeine; so I try and limit those to a couple of cups a day, so I tend to drink copious amounts of Robinsons squash.

Since I was a girl I’ve always liked drinking squash. Hot or cold – it helps keep my fluid levels topped up. Plus if it’s sugar-free cordial there are very few calories to worry about. In the summer I make myself a refreshing pint of cordial (my favourite is usually apple and blackcurrant, but I’m also fond of lemon barley water). I fill the glass with ice and if I’m feeling fancy I’ll throw in a bit of fruit to nibble at once the drink is gone.

Robinsons squash

In the winter I like to make a hot flask of cordial for the family for our trips out. It’s something we all enjoy and when Jack Frost has nibbled at your toes it helps to warm your cockles. Likewise I always have a jug of cordial on the table during family meals. The great thing is you can dilute it to taste, we prefer a weaker cordial, but you can always add more.

Robinsons squash

I don’t really know why I tend to add fruit to the jugs of Robinsons squash. I guess it feels like I’m adding extra nutrients into the drink. Plus I know the family will eat the fruit once the drink is gone; more so than if I just gave them an apple It doesn’t have to be fresh fruit either, a handful of frozen berries would be a great addition to a nice chilled glass of squash.

I think that hot squash is a thing of beauty. If it goes cold then the best thing is I can still drink it without grimacing. In the winter I drink mug after mug of hot squash. I often keep a flask on my desk so I’ve got a steaming mug of orange squash at hand. If I’ve got a cold I often add a bit of powdered turmeric and give it a good stir, or a drizzle of ginger syrup which gives it a nice kick and the bit of fire feels like it’s fighting off some germs.

Robinsons squash

Robinsons squash is a really versatile product, with lots of flavours to choose from there’s probably one to suit everyone. What’s your favourite Robinsons squash and how do you drink yours?

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Appy Juice – a review

My brother and I grew up in the 1980s. A time when food covered in neon orange breadcrumbs was the norm (crispy pancakes anyone?). The juice we drank wasn’t fresh, but came in huge bottles and was essentially orange flavoured chemicals, designed to make children bounce off the walls and their teeth turn a funny colour and then fall out. Thankfully times have changed. As a nation we try and eat and drink good things, and as a parent I try and give those good things to my son.

We were sent a selection of juices to try from Appy Food and Drinks. I’d never heard of them before, so I did a little reading (I Googled them, no one reads anymore, sheesh). They’re a pretty new company, but they make all of the juices from natural ingredients and strive to make them low in calories, low in sugars (they sweeten with stevia) and free from artificial colours and flavourings. Their juices are approved by the Vegetarian Society, are vegan friendly and are approved by leading nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche.

Appy juice

We were sent four of their juice products to try –
Peppa Pig Apple & Summer Berries fruit drink (tetra pack)
SpongeBob SquarePants Orange & Pineapple fruit drink (tetra pack)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Apple & Blackcurrant fruit drink (pouch)
Dora the Explorer Mixed Berries fruit drink (pouch)

They were really colourful and obviously appealing to young children. Each day when I pick him up from the school nursery, I bring a drink for him to have while we walk home. I’m never really sure how much he’s had to drink while he’s there and I like him to have at least one portion of juice a day, as it counts towards his five a day.

Over a couple of weeks he tried them all, he really loved the Peppa Pig juice and the Turtles one, he liked Dora but was less keen on SpongeBob, but I think that’s because he doesn’t like pineapple, so I took one for the team and had those ones, they’re handy for taking out, for lunch boxes and the pouches stay cool for longer.

Appy juice

They were quite sweet and fruity, a bit too sweet for my own personal tastes, so we did decant a few into a big cup and water them down a little, which had the benefit of making them go a bit further. We’re used to watered down juices at home anyway. The juice boxes were a nice treat after a busy day at nursery and he liked showing off his Peppa Pig juice in the playground too.

Each 200ml juice box contains around 15 calories and the small boy really enjoyed them. I’ve seen them in Tesco’s and I believe you can also get them from Ocado and various other supermarkets and shops. They’re £1.99 for four juice boxes which seems a good price for something made to these standards, with no artificial colours, flavourings and natural sugars.

The packaging is incredibly attractive to children, I think the Peppa Pig one is his favourite because he really loves Peppa. The boxes the drinks come in have various cut out and colour in activities which does add a bit of value and interest. It’s all recyclable too.

We do really like the Appy drinks, I think we’ll buy them as and when we see them for our walk home from nursery. They are on the sweet side, but I find most drinks aimed at children are these days anyway. My tip is to water them down, it makes them go further and dilutes some of the sweetness.

Note: We were sent these juices from Appy Food & Drink free of charge for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.