My Blog Redesign

My blog has been self hosted since November 2013 and for a little while now I’ve had a nagging feeling that I needed to do something with the look of it. Sort a proper logo and header out, brand me up a little bit. Do something which said a little bit more about me rather than just some generic swirly things.

I was lucky enough to bump into Feb25 on Twitter and when I mentioned I needed to pull my finger out and get it sorted they offered their expertise. They’ve re-branded bloggers before and they’re fond of HodgePodgeDays, I had a good feeling about it all, so we set to work.

From my point of view it was easy-peasy. They wanted some background on me and what makes me tick, so I showed them this blog post all about me and I listed my interests, which are…

  • Mother
  • Tweeter
  • Blogger
  • Music lover

They went away and created a logo, I was blown away by how much they’d captured me. I showed it to some friends who loved it too. It was clearly a winner. They supplied me with a banner, a logo for social media use and a favicon, everything a blog redesign needs. All I needed to do was upload them and I had a brand new, unique, beautiful look.

blog redesign

It really was the most simple process. I started off having absolutely no clue what I wanted. They got a feel for me and came up with some suggestions. They’re happy to tweak and tweak until things are just right and for me, this is just right.

They were an absolute dream to work with and the turn around was really quick. I can’t recommend them enough. If you’d like to find out more about Feb25 and what they can do for you, check out their website or find them on Twitter and tweet them, they’re lovely. I promise!

What do you think of my new look? I’d love to know.

My Unique & Special Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day is nearly here and I don’t know about you, but I really struggle to find inspiration for presents for my Mum which aren’t the usual wine, chocolates and flowers. Now I love wine, chocolates and flowers, but sometimes it’s nice to pull something a little bit special and a little bit different out of the bag.

When I stumbled across local Manchester company, Feb25 I knew they were definitely a little bit different and a little bit special. They create lovely, unique and personalised designs and prints for any occasion. From something unique and lovely for your baby; a present for a new home or for a birthday, or on this occasion, Mother’s Day.

The prints are designed from scratch following an easy consultation about the recipient. Feb25 then put some ideas together and come up with a few designs to choose from, you can then tweak them as much or as little as you want for no extra charge.

Feb25 are so helpful and professional, I can’t fault their service. They worked with my boys to come up with a design that was very me, I was blown away by the results. So much so that I commissioned them to do a similar version for my blog redesign (more of which at a later date).

For such a personal and personalised, professional service you’d expect the prints to cost the earth, not so, they start from around £20 depending on what you want, but they’re a brilliant price considering the work that goes into them by their talented design team.


So if you want something unique, special and lovely, for your unique, special and lovely Mum this Mother’s Day, then I can heartily recommend Feb25. Check out their website, drop them a line and see what loveliness they can create for you.

Disclaimer: Feb25 worked with me and my family to create my gorgeous bespoke, just for me print. The print was given to me for free in return for an honest write-up of their brilliant service.

For more gift ideas check out my Mother’s Day gift guide here.