Six Children’s Books about Vikings

Fresh from our adventures at the JORVIK Viking Festival in York, we’ve been full of love for all things Viking. While we were there I popped into a bookshop and picked up a few more books about Vikings to add to our collection.

We do really enjoy picking a topic and reading all about it. I try and match it with the things he’s learning at school too, I’m so pleased that this term he’s learning about Vikings at school, because who doesn’t love a Viking?

Six Children’s Books about Vikings

Vikings and Invaders (Hysterical Histories) by Anita Ganeri is a brilliant book for young Viking fans. It is a press-out and play book which is packed with curriculum appropriate information, Viking facts and lots of play value. There are Vikings and invaders to press-out and play with. We particularly enjoyed reenacting Viking scenes and playing with the press-out long boat!

Six Children's Books about Vikings

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings (Usborne History of Britain) by Hazel Maskell and Dr Abigail Wheatley is a really comprehensive book which covers Anglo-Saxon society; through the invasion of the Vikings and right up to the Battle of Hastings. This is a very detailed book which is easy to flick through to look up the information you need. This book is highly recommended if you’re learning about Vikings.

The World of Vikings by Robert Macleod – This 80 page, colourfully illustrated history book is full of facts about the Viking age. Each page is lush with illustrations and images, which really bring the facts to life. With maps, timelines, photographs of relics and illustrations about what life was like for Vikings, it’s filled with detail which will really capture the imagination of readers. Read our full review here.

Everything Vikings: All the Incredible Facts and Fierce Fun You Can Plunder (National Geographic Kids) by Nadia Higgins. Do you think of Vikings and think hats with horns and flying dragons? You may well be wrong. This National Geographic Kids book is packed with Viking facts and illustrations.

Horrible Histories Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary andMartin Brown. You can’t have a children’s history book round up without including at least one Horrible Histories book. This series is well known for being interesting and exciting for kids, as well as fact-packed and engaging. Vicious Vikings is no different, with facts about Viking Gods in wedding dresses, corpses on trial and death by booby-trapped statues, there’s something for every young Viking fan!

The Story of the Vikings Sticker Book by Megan Cullis. Everyone loves a sticker book, and this is a really good one. Follow the incredible story of the Vikings as they terrorized the coastlines of Europe for over 300 years; from their infamous adventures overseas to the splendid treasures they left behind. This is a beautifully illustrated sticker book, packed with information and photographic stickers of Viking helmets and axes, necklaces, chess pieces and even shoes.

There are some fantastic non-fiction books about Vikings available. These are the ones we have read and enjoyed, have we missed any?

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Six Children's Books about Vikings