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Review: Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs

Beech’s Fine Chocolates have recently launched a new range of chocolates. These new Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs are little sharing bags of really good quality gourmet chocolates. I tried the Cocoa Nib Cacao Truffle, Roasted Coffee Cacao Truffles and the Milk Chocolate Honeycomb chocolates.

Beech’s Fine Chocolates have been making quality traditional British chocolates in Preston, Lancashire since 1920. They use 100% natural ingredients, and all of their products are gluten-free and many are suitable for Vegans. I have a lot of love for Beech’s Fine Chocolates, they make great gifts and they are really good quality. These Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs are among the best chocolate I’ve tasted (and I’ve tried quite a lot of chocolate in my life).

Win a selection of Beech's Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs

The Milk Chocolate Honeycomb is handmade honeycomb chunks coated in milk chocolate. It’s what I remember as cinder toffee but covered in really silky chocolate. They’re more than a bite size and a couple is just enough of a sweet treat for elevenses. They’re really, really good, like a grown up crunchie but better.

The Cocoa Nib Cacao Truffles are really rich, smooth dark chocolate with crunchy cacao nibs speckled through and dusted in cocoa powder. They’re delicious and they taste so grown up. They’re so smooth and creamy – a real treat. Out of the three different Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs I tried, these cacao truffles were my favourites.

Win a selection of Beech's Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs

Lastly the Roasted Coffee Cacao Truffles, they look very similar to the cacao truffles, but they’re slightly darker and have a subtle coffee aroma. They’re made with real coffee and have little crunchy pieces of coffee beans throughout. They’re as smooth as anything and would be brilliant with a good cup of coffee, a real after dinner treat.

The Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet range includes –

  • Chocolate Cacao Truffles
  • Belgian Chocolate Fudge
  • Canadian Maple Fudge
  • Chocolate Cacao Truffles
  • Cocoa Dusted Almonds
  • Cocoa Nib Cacao Truffle
  • Crystallised Ginger Slivers
  • Dark Chocolate Brazils
  • Dark Chocolate Ginger
  • Hazelnut Cacao Truffles
  • Milk Chocolate Brazils
  • Milk Chocolate Honeycomb
  • Roasted Coffee Cacao Truffles

The Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs cost £3.99 each and they’re just the right size to share with a couple of friends over coffee. For more information about Beech’s Fine Chocolates or to place an order, visit their website.

Disclosure: We were sent a selection of Beech’s Fine Chocolates Gourmet Packs for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Celebrate 90 years of Swizzels by inventing your own sweet!

This year Swizzels celebrate 90 years of making sweets and they’ve just launched an amazing competition where you can win a tour of their sweet factory. All you need to do to win is come up with an idea for a new sweet, submit it to their website and you could win a VIP tour of the factory and get to see your sweet in production.

To me, this sounds like the best prize ever. I’ve driven past the factory so many times and the thought of having a Willy Wonka style tour of it has always been exciting. The Swizzels factory was also featured in the BBC series – Inside the Factory, which was a really fascinating watch. Did you know that the factory produces over a hundred million individual sweets each day?

Celebrate 90 years of Swizzels by inventing your own sweet!

Swizzels make so many legendary sweets; Parma Violets, Drumstick Lollies, Refreshers, Double Dips, Rainbow Drops and Love Hearts. They’re sweets I ate as a little girl (I still eat them now) and now my son loves them too.

If you asked me to invent my own Swizzels sweet I’d have absolutely no hesitation in telling you what I’d like. It’s a combination of two of their greatest sweets – Parma Violets and Double Dips. Imagine this, a violet flavoured lolly you could dip into zingy violet flavoured sherbet. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it.

So consider this my begging letter to Swizzels. You know a Parma Violet Double Dip is the future, please, please make it so!

Perhaps Parma Violets aren’t your thing; maybe you think you can come up with a better idea than mine. Get your thinking cap on and get entering. You do need to be aged 16+ plus to enter, but you can find all the information you need here.

Make sure you have a good think about it before you submit your idea. Do you lick it, chew it, suck it or savour it? Is it fizzy, fruity, sour or creamy; or it soft and squashy or hard and crunchy? Is it a lolly, a chew bar, a gum or a jelly? What does it look like? You can even draw a design and upload that to the website.

Good luck with your entry, I’m looking forward to seeing what the winner comes up with, though I’m certain my Parma Violet Double Dip cannot be beaten!

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Swizzels goodies in exchange for this post.

Easter Treats – Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads

Making and baking is one of my most favourite things to do with my son. Over the half term we went away with some friends, and with three children to entertain I thought I’d take along some simple crafts and kitchen makes to do with them. This was a brilliant idea, the kids loved our daily craft sessions and I got bonus points from the other adults for keeping them entertained. One of the things I packed was a Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads kit from choconchoc.

Easter Treats - Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads

This self-contained kit was brilliant to take away with us and had pretty much everything we needed. The Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads kit from choconchoc costs £12 and includes a large bag of milk chocolate buttons, a paper chef’s hat, a bag of sweets to decorate with and the moulds for the chocolate eggs. The kit is suitable for ages 6+ with adult supervision.

I have tried to make chocolate eggs before, with little success. I liked the simplicity of this kit and I had high hopes that it would be both easy and successful. Or at least more successful, which it was!

Easter Treats - Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads

To make, you carefully melt the chocolate. I did this in a glass bowl over a pan of water. I stirred it and stirred it until it was melted, then called the children over. After liberally greasing the moulds as instructed, I got the children to dollop the chocolate in the moulds and spread the chocolate about a bit. So far, so good. I left the eggs to set for a few hours and then went back to them.

For the life of me I couldn’t remove the egg from the moulds, so I scraped the chocolate out, re-melted it and greased the moulds very thoroughly. Again the eggs wouldn’t come out. I must have been doing something wrong, I’m not sure what.

Easter Treats - Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads

In the end I lined the moulds with cling film and tried again. This worked really well but didn’t produce a smooth egg. The egg was wrinkled which I actually quite liked. I stuck the two halves of the egg together with some melted chocolate and once that had set we stuck the sweets on with more melted chocolate.

The children were absolutely thrilled with the egg. It looked a bit rustic, but they’d made their very own chocolate egg and it tasted fantastic too. The quality of the Belgian chocolate in these kits is fantastic, it’s really creamy and rich and makes excellent eggs. Or should that be eggcellent eggs?

Easter Treats - Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads

Despite my failings as a chocolatier, I would absolutely get this or similar choconchoc chocolate kits again. The kids had a brilliant time making and eating them and I really liked how easy it was to make.

This self-contained kit was brilliant to take away with us and had pretty much everything we needed. The Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Head kit would be a excellent thing to do with the kids over the Easter break.

For more information about the Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Head from choconchoc, visit their website. You can also find choconchoc in John Lewis, Booths and Waitrose.

Easter Treats - Make and Melt Chocolate Egg Heads

We were sent this chocolate egg kit from choconchoc for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Meal Planning Monday – Self Catering Special

By the time you read this I’ll be back home after a self catering holiday in Devon and Cornwall with another family. Hopefully it was a roaring success and hopefully the sun even joined us for a day or two. With two families (four adults, three children and one dog) to cater for, organisational me got into gear and set about meal planning.

With it being a holiday there will be some eating out, but to cut costs and so all of the adults could enjoy a drink or two with dinner, we’d planned four nights of dining at the cottage. I will cook for two nights and my friend Liz will cook on two other nights. Each couple will have a date night, where the other couple babysits, something I’m looking forward to!

To make life easier, I’ve ordered a big shop from Sainsbury’s which will be delivered when we arrive. The full list of what we ordered is below (I do love a nosey at other people’s shopping, don’t you). Here is our self catering menu for the week…

Meal Planning Monday - Self Catering Special

As you can see, there are some good, hearty family meals planned, some treats and some non-cooking nights for those of us who are kitchen slaves at home!

Here’s our self catering holiday shopping list. We are planning on taking a few things with us and buying a few more things once we’re there, but this should get us started! In the meantime, do you have any tips for self catering?

Self catering shopping list!

Diced Beef
Skinless & Boneless Haddock Fillets
Chicken Breast Fillets
Chocolate Mini Rolls
Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge, Sweet Cinnamon Flavour
British Mature Cheddar Cheese
Kenco Millicano Americano Instant Coffee
San Miguel Lager
Lurpak Unsalted Spreadable
Fairy Non-Bio Capsules
Yorkshire Everyday Tea Bags
Peperami Mini Original
Quorn Meat Free Mince
Full Flavour Cheddar Cheese
Paneer Cheese
Tender Green Veg Medley
Jacob’s Biscuits For Cheese Crackers
Sacla Organic Basil Pesto
Baby sweetcorn
Peanut Butter Smooth
Orange Squash, No Added Sugar
Free Range Mixed Weight Eggs x15
Magnum Mini Ice Cream, Classic, Almond & White
Wildlife Strawberry & Peach Fromage Frais
Geeta’s Mango Chutney
Frozen Summer Fruits
Garlic & Coriander Mini Naan
Plain Naan
Quorn Escalopes
Lemons & Limes
Low Fat Natural Yogurt
Sunflower Oil
Fresh Packed Coriander
Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge, Golden Syrup Flavour
Double Cream
Ice Cubes 2kg
Hovis Medium Sliced Best of Both Bread
Baked Beans
Baby Potatoes
Reduced Fat Mayonnaise
Cheddar & Spring Onion Crisps
Diet Indian Tonic Water
Vanilla Ice Cream
Pear Quarters, In Natural Juice
Santa Maria Latin American Kitchen Garlic & Herb Soft Tortillas
Popchips Barbeque Crisps
Fairtrade Bananas
Little Gem Lettuce
Large Onions
Wholemeal Muffins
Raspberry Jam, Seedless
Medium Sliced Wholemeal Bread
Batter Mix
Fromage Frais, Basics
Whole Cucumber
Marmalade Medium Cut
Sweetcorn, tinned
Red Kidney Beans
Gravy Granules
Winalot Complete With Beef
Rainbow Ice Lollies
West Country Semi-Skimmed Milk

Breakfast Ideas: American Style Blueberry Pancakes

Pancakes are for life, not just for Shrove Tuesday. I mean, it’s the law to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, but we also like to have them at other times of the year too. We’re big fans of a weekend pancake breakfast and I love them as a little treat. This week, using a Sweetpea Pantry Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix, I knocked up a quick and easy batch of seriously good American Style Blueberry Pancakes.

The best pancakes I’ve ever had were in America, blueberry pancakes covered in syrup and blueberry compote. I’ve tried several times to replicate that joyous plate of pancakes and I’ve cracked it. Thick, fluffy pancakes with my homemade fridge blueberry jam spooned over. They’re a thing of beauty!

Breakfast Ideas: American Style Blueberry Pancakes

The Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix from Sweetpea Pantry is made with protein-rich buckwheat, quinoa, Omega-3 loaded, heart-friendly flaxseed and teff grains for fibre, calcium, iron and vitamin C. It’s much healthier than any pancake mix I could make!

This pancake mix is a great base on which to build flavour. I mixed it up according the instructions on the box and added 100g of fresh or frozen blueberries and half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. I then melted some butter in my good pancake pan and cooked the blueberry pancakes in small batches. The mix made 8 American Style Blueberry Pancakes.

To serve them, I spooned my lovely homemade jam over the top, whipped cream or yogurt are optional but recommended. For extra sweetness if you need it, you could also drizzle over a bit of syrup; this is a treat after all!

Breakfast Ideas: American Style Blueberry Pancakes

The Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix from Sweetpea Pantry (and their other mixes) are available from Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Booths, Marks & Spencer and a range of other retailers. Each mix costs £2.75 and they’re delicious, family friendly mixes with a healthy and nutritious twist.

I was sent a Grainy Brainy Pancake Mix in return for this post. All images and opinions are my own.

Kitchen Hacks: 7 Time Saving Cheats for Busy Cooks

I’m one of those cook-from-scratch types who cheats and feels no shame about it at all. I will happily spend hours watching over a bubbling stew, just don’t ask me to make some mash to go with it. I’ve been thinking about the kind of time saving cheats I use in my kitchen

I have certain rules for cheating which I’ve imposed on myself. For example, I won’t use a jar of pasta sauce, but I will use a jar of pesto. I can knock up a decent tomato pasta sauce in a few minutes; but pesto requires a blender, a garden full of basil and a whole load of ingredients I generally can’t be bothered with.

Kitchen Hacks: 7 Time Saving Cheats for Busy Cooks

I also have my ability (or rather lack of ability) to stand in the kitchen for hours prepping meals. I have a spinal injury, chronic pain and neurological problems which can make hours of prep intolerable for me. Sometimes my hands and arms can go numb too. The idea of peeling spuds with numb hands sets off a number of health and safety alarm bells in my head. Sometimes it’s just better to choose convenience over cut fingers. In short, there are some time saving cheats I’m prepared to forgive myself for, here are some of my favourite ones.

7 Time Saving Cheats for Busy Cooks

One – Frozen mashed potato. I first discovered frozen mash on a trip to Ikea and I’ve been buying it from supermarkets ever since. It costs around £1 a bag and each bag is enough for two meals for our 3 person family. It’s just frozen mashed potato with milk and a bit of seasoning. I usually add more milk and butter, a few minutes in the microwave and you’ve got beautiful, smooth, lump-free mash. There’s no going back to mashing my own from scratch now, and I’m not even sorry.

Two – Ready to roll pastry. I can and do make pastry from scratch when I want to and have the time, but the ready rolled stuff costs about £1 and saves about half an hour of prepping and cleaning up afterwards. If I’m throwing a quick pie or tart together, this is such a time saving ingredient. There’s no shame in using shop bought pastry, no shame at all!

Three – Lazy garlic/chilli/ginger etc. There’s no doubt that fresh is probably better in this case, but unless I’m doing serious batch cooking, then buying a whole bulb of garlic for one or two cloves is a bit wasteful. My garlic tends to start sprouting before I get round to using it all. Tubes or jars of ready crushed garlic, chilli or ginger are a great store-cupboard staple I wouldn’t be without.

Four – Frozen, ready prepared vegetables. Frozen veg has always lived in my freezer, but in recent years it’s taken a bit of a step forward. You can get ready chopped onion which saves you tears and oniony smelling fingers, I like frozen sliced mushrooms and frozen sliced peppers. They’re so handy if I’m making a quick pasta dish and need to up the veg content. My freezer is also always home to a bag of frozen cauliflower. The cauliflower makes a quick and hearty soup or gets thrown into macaroni cheese to make it more of a balanced meal.

I can also recommend frozen butternut squash pieces. Trying to cut a butternut squash is like trying to finely dice a brick, save yourself time and a trip to A&E by just buying it ready diced and frozen. It tastes no different but it is hard to find, so buy a couple of bags, you won’t regret it.

Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Five – Microwavable rice pouches. My husband makes beautiful rice, I don’t. I have given up trying and usually use boil in the bag rice; although I do flavour the cooking water with stock or turmeric. These days I always have a couple of microwavable pouches in the cupboard. They’re quite expensive and not as healthy as rice you’d cook yourself, but they’re really handy if you’re rubbish at cooking rice or need a speedy supper.

Six – Grated cheese. I use grated cheese a lot at home. You can buy ready grated cheese, but I find that it behaves a little differently to normal blocks of cheese. This is because it’s usually coated in starch to stop it clumping together. I do sometimes still buy it; but often I’ll buy a big block and run it through the grater setting on my food processor, box it up and use it when I need it. Sometimes I just grate by hand until I get bored, and put it in a box in the fridge until I need it.

Seven – Breadcrumbs are part of so many meals I cook. If I know I’ll be getting the food processor out for some batch cooking chopping, then a few days before I’ll buy a crusty loaf to go stale, chunk it up and whizz it in the food processor until it’s crumbs. I put the crumbs in a tub in the freezer, if you give it a shake every so often the crumbs should separate beautifully. You’ll have enough fresh breadcrumbs for a few months for almost no effort.

And if all else fails, order a takeaway! What are your time saving kitchen cheats? Do you worship at the altar of frozen mash too?

Kitchen Hacks: 7 Time Saving Cheats for Busy Cooks

Review: Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps

I have a monthly get together and craft night with some friends, we each take turns to host it. Craft night means three things, prosecco, crafts and crisps. This week it was my turn to host. I chilled a couple of bottles of fizz, dug out some craft stuff and revealed, with something of a flourish, a large bag of Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps.

“They’re microwavable!” I announced. “They’re hot crisps!” I said with a bit of a fanfare. My friends were understandably quite curious and keen to try this new style of snack.

Review: Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps

I opened the bag, took out the dip and microwaved the crisps for 30 seconds. We tried the Fairfields Farm Cheese and Chive flavour Heat & Eat crisps. Inside the bag is a small tub of delicious caramelised onion dip.

The Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps are good crunchy, thick cut crisps, the kind I would buy anyway as they’re great for dipping. I like that they come with a little pot of dip included. The caramelised onion was so good, I’d quite like them to sell jars of the stuff.

Review: Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps

There are two flavours – Sea Salted with Tomato Salsa Dip and Cheese & Chive with Caramelised Onion Dip. Each bag contains 125g of hand-cooked crisps and a 50g dip. When the crisps are hot, they are what I imagine freshly cooked crisps taste like, fresh and crunchy. You do have to eat them fairly quickly because they do cool down; but they’re still excellent when they’ve cooled and the hot crisps are a real talking point. The girls were impressed and they all said they would buy them again.

Fairfields Farm which is in East Anglia have been making crisps from their potatoes since 2006. The Heat & Eat Crisps were launched just a few months ago and are hand cooked on the farm using renewable energy.

These new Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps cost around £1.85 a bag, which I think is a very good price for good quality crunchy crisps which come with a dip.

Review: Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps

Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps are currently available in a wide selection of Tesco Stores across the UK to find your nearest stockist visit

Note: we were sent these crisps for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Meal Planning Monday: Shaking off the January Blues

It’s the end of January and I’m shattered. If it were just me, I’d happily exist on a diet of things on toast; but the boys need a proper meal on the table and I need to eat a bit better too. January is about as down in the doldrums as it gets. There’s not a great deal of seasonal veg about and the dark evenings lend themselves to stodgy comfort food dishes. We love a hearty stew as much as the next family, but we’re all starting to crave slightly lighter meals.

I don’t write a meal plan every week, because I don’t do a shop every week. I do a big online shop about every 2-3 weeks and plan 12 meals or so for the next fortnight. The meals are not fixed to specific days, I just cook what I fancy depending on what needs using up and how much time I have to cook. I’ll make quick meals like pasta on days when dinner time needs a speedy turnaround. We almost always eat at the table and I like to cook a nice family dinner a few times a week so we can sit, chat and take our time over it all.

My big shop will arrive on Monday evening and I’m more excited than I should be that my empty fridge will be full again. I’ve spent a smidge over £100 on my shop and it should be enough for 12 meals. I’m blogging a weekly recipe post (each Friday, keep an eye out as some of them are really, really lovely). In my shop this week I’ve also bought baking things for six new and original recipe blog posts. I’d say 12 meals and six bakes for around £100 makes me a slightly smug but very frugal shopper!

This coming week feels like a bit of a lazy one for me. Most of what I’ve planned are meals which are quick to prep and cook; or things I can throw in a slow cooker and forget about.

Meal Planning Monday: Shaking off the January Blues

Saturday night is Dad cooks night and he’s promised us his signature dish – the Full English (sausages, beans, egg, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast). It might not be the healthiest meal, but he does make an effort to cook things without fat and loads up our plates with the healthier veg.

I think veg is going to be a real focus for me over the next few weeks. Whatever meal I’m serving, I’ll make sure there’s a big pile of fresh veg to go with it. I’m really craving a fresh, zingy salad with lots of herbs too. I’m so done with boiled carrots right now.

If you’re looking for meal planning inspiration, check out my 55 family meals your kids will actually eat!
Hijacked By Twins

Meal Planning Monday: New Year, New Menu?

Christmas Day 2017 was a really lovely day. We all got nice presents and we all had a really good Christmas dinner. I’d cooked enough so there would be leftovers aplenty for the next few lazy days and I was feeling quite content with myself. Then I got flu and spent the next 10 days in bed. I’m still a bit wobbly and woozy; but worse still, my fridge is festering with the Christmas leftovers we didn’t get to eat. My job later this morning is to clear out the fridge and prepare it to be filled with normal food once again.

Tomorrow morning our first food shop of the year will be delivered and I can’t wait. I feel like I’ve had too long away from the kitchen and I’m ready to start cooking nice things for my family again. Admittedly I’m still not feeling 100%, so what I do cook will hopefully be a balance between really quick and easy and something tasty but full of good healthy stuff to build us all up again.

Here’s what is on our menu this week…

Meal Planning Monday: New Year, New Menu?

I’m so excited about getting back in the kitchen, I dread to think what the boys have been feeding themselves on while I’ve been in my sick-bed.

I’m a big fan of meal planning, having a menu can save me so much time and money. There’s something really comforting about knowing what our evening meals will be for the week and that I’ve done all the shopping I need to do to prepare those meals. If I’m thinking ahead I’ll try to make extra to eat another day, or for lunch the next day or maybe even freeze for a rainy day in the future.

One thing I have done which has really helped me is to create a list of 55 family meals my family will always eat. If you’re meal planning and you need some inspiration, it’s definitely worth having a look through my list. Each time I sit down to meal plan my list is always close to hand.

What’s on your menu this week?

55 ideas for family meals your kids will actually eat

If you’re looking to save money and eat well for less, the key really is meal planning. Sitting down each week, planning a menu of tasty family meals and only buying what you need can save your family an awful lot of time and money. I try where I can to meal plan, setting out a fortnightly menu and then doing a big online shop for everything I need. This saves me so much time and money, plus knowing what I’m cooking on whichever night takes the thinking out of it.

It’s easy for me to say the meal planning is the key to success, but I can guarantee that when I sit down with my blank piece of paper to plan out the next 14 family meals, I cannot think of one single family meal. Over the last few months I’ve been putting together a list of the meals I’ve made, so when meal planning day arrives I just have a quick look through my list for inspiration and then get down to work.

Family meals: Rich and Creamy Fennel & Potato Gratin

If you’re stuck for ideas for family meals your family will actually eat, below you will find a list of 55 family meals that we cook on a fairly regular basis, where there is a recipe for that dish on my blog I have included a link to it.

55 ideas for family meals your family will actually eat

Baked butternut squash
Baked fish and vegetables
Battered or breaded fish and chips
Beef or mushroom stroganoff
Beef stew
Cauliflower cheese
Chicken casserole served with potato gratin
Chicken Kievs
Chilli con carne
Cottage pie
Curry and rice
Egg and chips
Fish pie
Fish wraps
Fishfingers chips and beans
Full English
Galette (a bit like a pie)
Homemade Chicken nuggets or goujons
Homemade soup
Hot dogs or these pizza hot dogs
Imam Bayildi (Baked aubergines)
Jacket potatoes
Jacket sweet potatoes with sour cream and spring onions
Jamie Oliver’s Butternut Squash Penne Pasta
Lancashire Hotpot
Lentil cottage pie
Macaroni cheese
Macaroni peas
Pasta bake
Pesto pasta
Pie and mash
Pizza – shop bought or homemade
Roast dinner
Sausages and mash
Sausage casserole
Sausage ragu
Shepherds pie
Spaghetti and meatballs
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spanish style sausages in bravas sauce
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni
Stir fry
Sweet and sour pork or chicken
Thai style curry
Toad in the Hole
Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta Bake

55 family meal suggestions – that’s not a bad place to start from is it? I hope you’ve found some inspiration. I’ll be adding to this list as time goes on, so expect it to grow and grow.

What are your favourite family meals? Have I missed anything essential off my list?

55 ideas for family meals your family will actually eat